The New York Yankees, the “master of tradition,” finally escaped from the bottom of the American League’s eastern division, devoutly devout doubleheader with the “eternal rival” Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees won both games of the Boston Red Sox and the away doubleheader on the 13th (Korea Standard Time). The team won the first game by 3-2 points and the second game by 4-1. He added two more wins on the day, marking more than 50% of the season’s performance again. He tied Boston with 73 wins and 72 losses. He recently caught up with Boston by reporting three consecutive wins. He was tied for fourth in the American League East. It was 18.5 games behind the leading Baltimore Orioles (91-53) and seven games behind the third-place Toronto Blue Jays (80-65).

The Yankees remained in the bottom half of the American League East throughout the season. He struggled amid the imbalance of pitching and hitting. After the All-Star break, he suffered a more severe slump and fell to the bottom. It has been reversed since the end of August. He recovered with eight wins and one loss in nine games in late August and early September, but his momentum was dampened by three consecutive losses from September 8 to 10.토토사이트

He ended his losing streak by winning 4-3 against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 11th. The match against Boston on the 12th was postponed due to rain. And he added two more wins with a double header on the 13th. It jumped to joint fourth place in the world at once. In the American League wild card rankings, he was tied for fifth place with Boston. It trailed the Seattle Mariners and Toronto, who tied for third place. 

It is fortunate for Toronto, which is fiercely competing for the rankings to advance to the autumn party. This is because the Yankees, who were the last in the same district, defeated Boston in a row and maintained the lower ranks and the difference. Toronto lost 6-3 to the Texas Rangers even with Ryu Hyun-jin on the 13th. It suffered consecutive defeats following the previous day. After winning three consecutive games, he lost two consecutive games and was tied for third place in the American League wild card rankings. It allowed Texas (80 wins and 64 losses) to overtake. Ryu Hyun-jin made a quality start with five hits, one home run, one walk, five strikeouts and three runs in six innings, but took the loss.

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