The professional billiards PBA Team League will enter the postseason to cover the final throne of the season from the 17th.

The Professional Billiards Association announced on the 16th that “From the 17th, the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2022-23’ postseason will be held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.”

In the PBA Team League Postseason, four teams compete for the championship: the winner and runner-up team of the first half league (rounds 1-3), and the winner and runner-up team of the second half league (rounds 4-6). Like professional baseball, it is carried out by climbing a ladder, and each team is assigned a tournament position according to its regular league ranking.

Therefore, in this postseason, Hana Card, who placed 3rd in the regular league (winner in the first season) and TS Shampoo and Puradak (runner-up in the first season), who placed 4th in the regular league, played a semi-playoff (PO), and the team that won the match finished second in the regular league. We have a PO with Blue One Resort (runner-up in the second half of the league).

The PO winning team will decide the final winning team through a championship game against Welcome Savings Bank (winner in the second half of the season), which ranks first in the regular league.

In semi-PO (2 out of 3) and PO (3 out of 4), the top team in the regular league is given an advantage of one win.

In the semi-playoff held on the 17th, Hana Card started with one win, and in the PO that continued on the 18th, Blue One Resort booked one win. 메이저사이트

The championship match will be held from the 20th on a best-of-7 basis, and there is no advantage for the top team in the regular league.

The team that rises to the top through the postseason will receive 100 million won in prize money, and the runner-up team will receive 50 million won. The MVP of the finals will receive a prize of 5 million won.

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