One of the notable things about D+Kia’s matches this year is the change in playstyle of ‘Showmaker’ Heo-soo. Unlike last year, when we played laning battles safely and heavily, this year we try to put pressure on our opponents boldly and aggressively. At least that’s how it looks in the eyes of ‘League of Legends (LoL)’ users at a general level.

The representative game in which the color of imaginary numbers was different from usual was the first set of the DRX match. After choosing Rise, he faced off against Yoo “Fate” Soo-hyeok, who chose Taliyah. He settled down in front of the midline and pressed the opponent fiercely. Then, he was ganked by Dong-beom “Crocco” Kim (Maokai). Among league officials, Heo Soo is known as a player who does not easily get ganked.

Is the change in Huh Su’s laning play style this spring just an impression received by fans or officials? Not like that. The mid laner of D+Kia revealed his goal for the line match in a meeting with Kukmin Ilbo after the match against Nongshim Red Force on the 25th. He said he is trying to be more aggressive in lane battles than last year, and through this, calls his opponent’s jungler into his lane more often than before.

The reason why he changed his playing style is that the return value according to the risk is bigger than last year. Heo Soo said, “I think this year’s team’s power is stronger than last year’s.” 온라인카지노

At the beginning of the season, Dplus Kia’s carry line is a bottom duo armed with Lunami (Lucian and Nami). Other liners, including Heo Soo, are adding strength to maximize their carry power. Heo Soo said, “I am playing the game with the mindset that if I die from being ganked, I will be able to benefit elsewhere. I try to call the opponent by playing aggressively,” he explained.

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