According to a report from The Athletic, the 메이저놀이터 NBA is working on a way to immediately sanction flopping behavior. It will be implemented starting with the upcoming Summer League in July.

Flopping, or Hollywood action, is when a player makes a big move and falls as if the slightest physical contact is a foul.

According to local media outlets, a technical foul will be assessed if caught. The opposing team will be awarded a free throw and offense.

In recent years, several players have offended fans by falling down as if the slightest contact is a foul. This is unsportsmanlike behavior.

After a flurry of protests, the organizers began to take action. For now, the upcoming Finals will be played as normal, and a pilot program will be implemented starting with the upcoming Summer League.

While this is a positive change, the criteria for Hollywood action is somewhat vague. It leaves a lot of room for subjective interpretation by referees. It’s important to set a clear standard up front so that the full benefits can be realized.

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