On the 8th, Lotte finished the first live pitching of the spring camp at Dededo Sports Complex in Guam. On this day, a total of 5 people pitched live, including Na Kyun-an, Choi Yi-jun, Na Won-tak, Lee Tae-yeon and Yoon Seong-bin. Shin Yun-hoo, Kim Min-soo, Lee Ho-yeon, Cho Se-jin, and Kim Min-seok entered the plate for live betting. While setting the situation of 1 ball 1 strike, each batter threw 3 basic balls, and when the result of an in-play batted ball came out, the turn at bat ended.

However, there was no plan for Sungbin Yoon’s live pitching at first. Na Kyun-an, Choi Yi-jun, Na Won-tak, and Lee Tae-yeon were included in the live pitching roster, but Yoon Sung-bin was also added. The live pitching took longer than originally scheduled, but coach Bae Young-soo called Sung-bin Yoon to the mound to check on his condition.

Not too long ago, Seongbin Yoon did not leave the bullpen practice field amidst coach Bae Young-soo’s bullying orders. When the balance correction, which had been pointed out in the meantime, was not carried out smoothly, he exclaimed, “I take responsibility!” and urged Yoon Sung-bin. Afterwards, Seongbin Yoon continued to practice without leaving the bullpen practice range, just as it was to make corrections. After that, Seongbin Yun practiced steadily and went to the mound that day. 바카라사이트

His pitches sometimes faltered, but at this point, he threw a powerful ball without fully using his power. Above all, the ball’s impact group was formed stably. Director Larry Sutton, who was watching Sungbin Yoon’s live pitching, encouraged Sungbin Yoon by shouting “Very good” and “Good ball”. However, he also pointed out a problem, saying, “The release point is not yet constant.”

After the bullpen pitching, Yoon Seong-bin had a conversation with coach Bae Young-soo. When he was preparing to pitch, he pointed out the position of his right arm, but relatively, “It wasn’t bad. It was fine. He is satisfied.” This is coach Bae Young-soo, who constantly exchanged opinions with Yoon Seong-bin. And this process will continue throughout spring camp.

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