At the center of the dream team is ‘Captain America’.

The US baseball team made a surprise announcement on July 19, Korean time, that Mike Trout (Angels) will participate in the 2023 World Baseball Classic as captain. It was known that the WBC would be held again after 6 years, but it was not a big topic in the United States, but Trout’s participation changed the atmosphere. It was an incident that also affected active major leaguers.

Prior to Trout’s selection, the United States appointed Tony Riggins, former general manager of the Los Angeles Angels, as the national team’s general manager 토토사이트 (in Korea, the national team’s general manager, who is the technical chairman, is in charge of persuading players to build a team. In the Dominican Republic, active player Nelson Cruz took over as the general manager and became a hot topic. Cruz left open the possibility of playing as a player).

General Manager Riggins, who had a relationship with Trout during his time with the Angels, clearly set his first goal and moved. It was trout. He met Trout at Angel Stadium ahead of the All-Star break and persuaded him to participate in the WBC. As if Trout had been waiting for it, he accepted Riggins’ offer.

Trout also received an offer for the 2017 tournament, but did not participate for “personal reasons.” After the tournament, he said that he watched the WBC with interest and expressed his intention to participate next time. The tournament, which should have been held in 2021 due to Corona 19, was postponed for two years, but Trout’s mind did not change.

Riggins’ strategy paid off. When Trout announced his participation in the WBC, the players started to step forward. Bryce Harper (Philadelphia) and Mookie Betts (Dodgers) followed. explained the effect of Trout, saying, “General manager Riggins has the privilege of using players from 30 major league clubs with an unlimited budget. Players don’t want to miss the opportunity to team up with Trout.”

The atmosphere is different from the 1st and 2nd tournaments, where only the name value was flashy, but the players did not show sincerity. Major League All-Stars put themselves down. Pete Alonso (Mets) even told General Manager Riggins, “I want to participate in the national team even if I can’t stand at bat.” Trout’s presence is like this.

Meanwhile, organized the unofficial list that declared participation in the WBC by the 15th. Harper was ruled out as he was unable to play in the aftermath of Tommy John surgery on his elbow. Kyle Schwaber and Trey Turner (Philadelphia) also announced their intention to participate, but are not on this list.

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