Heung-min Son, who was at the center of the revelation of ‘No. 2701’ during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, is drawing attention by deleting all posts related to the World Cup. 메이저사이트

As of 9:00 am today (31st), Mr. Ahn turned his Instagram to a private account and then deleted all posts related to the World Cup in Qatar.

Previously, it was reported that Ahn participated in the Qatar World Cup schedule as a personal trainer for Son Heung-min, and in the process, he personally paid for the players’ treatment and lodging.

Ahn said on his Instagram account at the height of the Qatar World Cup, “A lot of things happened in Room 2701 (in the Qatar Hotel, which was the national team’s accommodation). If you contact me, you will be able to learn more about things beyond common sense beyond imagination.” You posted an important article. However, Ahn did not respond to reporters’ calls at all, and suspicions only grew as speculative reports poured in.

The Korea Football Association, which had been silent, issued a statement on the 10th, about a month after the controversy erupted, and the national team requested that Mr. Ahn be hired as a duty staff member of the association, but he did not have a qualification that met the recruitment requirements and did not apply for the job posting. explained. In the process, he also admitted that there was a conflict with the national team.

Since then, Mr. Ahn has not revealed a separate position so far, so a ‘hand-off’ between Mr. Ahn and the Football Association is also being raised.

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