SSG and LG tied for first place in the league at the end of last season.

This year, they are still tied for first place with 26 wins, 14 losses, and 1 draw.

The fans were excited before the game, as it was a no-win matchup with the winner taking sole possession of first place.

“LG will win no matter what. Go LG!”

“SSG will win no matter what. 토토사이트They won last year, and they’ll win this year.”

Both teams’ stats don’t allow for easy predictions either.

While LG leads the team in batting average, SSG boasts the team’s top home run hitter, and SSG and LG are tied for 1-2 in team ERA, so fans of both teams are full of well-founded confidence.

“It’s going to be tough, but I hope we do well today and LG can move up to sole possession of first place.”

“I hope we can win all three games and solidify our sole possession of first place.”

In the three-game series against SSG last month, LG took a 2-1 lead, but all three games were within a point of each other.

The home team SSG opened the scoring first.

The home run corps took the lead in the second inning with Choi Joo-hwan’s seventh solo home run of the season.

LG answered right back.

In the fourth inning, with the bases loaded and two outs, Lee Jae-won drew a walk to tie the game, and Kim Min-seong blasted a grand slam over the left field fence.

Kim Min-sung continued to impress, hitting another grand slam against SSG for the first time since September of last year.

LG added another run in the fifth inning on an RBI single by Oh Ji-hwan, giving them a clear advantage in the early going.

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