One of Napoli’s top goals this season is the renewal of Kim Min-jae (27). The key is to post a ‘buyout clause’ of 45 million euros (about 60.7 billion won), which is effective for foreign clubs for 15 days from July 1st. This is because if the contract renewal fails, Kim Min-jae will have no choice but to be taken away for a transfer fee of only 45 million euros this summer.

Locals are unanimous that Napoli will raise Kim Min-jae’s buyout to 65 million euros (approximately 87.6 billion won) through negotiations. Of course, in the process of renewing the contract, Kim Min-jae’s annual salary jumped. Considering Kim Min-jae’s performance and presence this season, it is his determination not to be taken away at least for a ‘cheap price’ even if his salary is given more.

However, even if the buyout rises to 65 million euros, the ‘love call’ for Kim Min-jae is not expected to stop. Considering the size of the European football transfer market, which has grown to the point where the expression ‘crazy’ comes out, and Kim Min-jae’s performance, even if the buyout is adjusted upwards, interest from big clubs will inevitably be poured out.

In fact, in the winter transfer market last January, the total amount of transfer fees spent by English Premier League (EPL) clubs alone amounted to a whopping 815 million pounds (approximately 1,227.3 billion won). This is an increase of almost three times compared to the previous season. In the process of Chelsea embracing Enso Fernandez (22), even the record for the highest transfer fee in EPL history was renewed. There is even a radical expression that EPL clubs are crazy about their huge investment. 먹튀검증

As a direct example, the transfer fee of right wingback Pedro Poro (24), which Tottenham had on the condition of full recruitment after lease, is 47.5 million euros (approximately 64.1 billion won) including rent. It is an amount invested in recruiting a player with sufficient potential, but who needs further verification in the European big leagues. The reason why the current buyout of Kim Min-jae, who has emerged as the best defender in Italy Serie A, feels absurd, and this is the background that never looks high even if it is raised to 65 million euros.

Naturally, even if the buyout rises to 65 million euros as planned by Napoli, interest from big clubs is expected to continue. The name of Kim Min-jae, who has already proven himself, will always be included on the radar of not only EPL clubs investing huge amounts of money, but also other big clubs in other leagues who spent the transfer market relatively quietly last winter. This is because the 65 million euros invested in Kim Min-jae today is by no means an excessive amount.

If Kim Min-jae leads Naples to win the Serie A this season and shows competitiveness in the UEFA Champions League, interest will inevitably grow even hotter. Of course, Kim Min-jae himself can have the will to challenge himself on a bigger stage and with a bigger team.

Legendary defender Giuseppe Brucecolotti, who played for Napoli for 16 years, said, “There is a lot of talk about the players’ willingness to stay, but in front of the ‘money god’ who dominates modern football, it is not just good words. If Napoli wins, Min-jae Kim As much as there are reasons to stay on the team, there are reasons to leave.” It is expected that the transfer will be completed as soon as this season is over, if the willingness of other clubs to invest in buyout and Kim Min-jae’s willingness to challenge after winning Serie A are combined.

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