Another Korean leaguer who will challenge the major leagues next season has been born.

On the 12th (hereafter referred to as Korean time),토토 가입머니 news was delivered that a Korean player had been selected at the major league draft site. The main character is infielder Shin Woo-yeol (22). Shin Woo-yeol, who went on to Miami Dade College after graduating from Bae Jae High School, was nominated in the 16th round (483 overall) to the Tampa Bay Race.

As a result, a total of 4 Koreans and Korean-American players were selected in this draft (Kevin Shim, Eddie Pak, Shin Woo-yeol, and Choi Byung-yong).

After graduating from Bae Jae High School, Shin Woo-yeol, who was noticed by Oakland Athletics officials and advanced to an American university, was consistently given opportunities and succeeded in his nomination. It has already been confirmed that he was greatly influenced by Hong Min-jae, a graduate of Seoul High School, who was previously covered by this magazine.

Shin Woo-yeol has studied abroad at a relatively low cost, and has steadily built his career up to his nomination this time. Even in high school, he was considered one of the best infield prospects, but he was never named. Rather, this frustration was captured as a new opportunity and reborn in the form of studying abroad.

His collegiate performance was quite outstanding, with a batting average of .407, 15 home runs, and 47 RBI.

Due to the nomination of Shin Woo-yeol, a significant change is expected in that high school baseball players can think about another career path (study in the United States).

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