Kyung Hee University defeated Hanyang University 60-48 in the Men’s College Division of the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Regular Season at Olympic Gymnasium on Hanyang University’s Seoul campus on Thursday. With five wins and five losses, Kyung Hee University is tied for fifth place with Hanyang University-Myungji. Half a game behind fourth-place Dankook University (5 wins, 4 losses).

Kyung Hee University lost to Hanyang University in the Men’s College Division of the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Regular Season at the Olympic Gymnasium on Hanyang University’s Seoul campus on Thursday. Kyung Hee dropped from seventh place to ninth place alone (4-6). Half a game behind seventh-place Sungkyunkwan University and KU (both 4-5).

Kyung Hee University is a traditional powerhouse in the College League. However, they are facing a major power shift after the 2022 season. The team lost a number of key resources, including Lee Issung (graduated), In Seung-chan (Wonju DB), and Ko Chan-hyuk (Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation).

As a result, Kyung Hee University lost its first four games. However, they learned a lot from those losses. They are 4-1 in their last five games. With four wins and five losses, they are tied for seventh place in the playoffs. They faced Hanyang University, who are also in the playoff hunt.

Leading the charge for Kyung Hee University is Kim Seowon (185 cm, G). Despite being a freshman, he leads the team in scoring with 13.5 points and assists with 5.63 per game. An indispensable frontcourt resource for the team.

Kim Seo-won was also in the starting lineup against Hanyang. He was partnered in the backcourt with point guard Hwang Young-chan (178 cm, G). In the early stages of the game, he followed Hanyang’s point guard, Cho Min-geun (180 cm, G), relentlessly.

When Hwang Young-chan went to the bench, Kim Seo-won took over as the main ball handler. He didn’t do anything spectacular, but he scored the final points of the first quarter by picking up loose balls and finishing quickly. Kyung Hee University ended the first quarter with a score of 20-12.

Kim Seowon was on the bench at the beginning of the second quarter. Lee Seung-gu (190 cm, F) and Kim Soo-oh (200 cm, F) were also in foul trouble.

Kyung Hee University head coach Kim 먹튀검증 Hyun-guk had to bench Kim Seo-won. Hwang Young-chan was the lone ball carrier. However, Kyung Hee University did not suffer much from Kim’s absence. The modified zone defense worked well, and the fast break after the zone defense worked well.

Kim Seowon remained on the bench for the entire second quarter. All he could do was applaud his seniors and teammates. After carrying the load, Kim went into halftime feeling good. She was able to prepare for the third quarter without the anxiety of foul trouble. Kyung Hee University finished the first half with a 37-21 lead.

However, things didn’t start well for Kyung Hee University in the third quarter. Hanyang University’s changed defensive intensity led to a 0-10 run in the first two minutes and 20 seconds of the third quarter. The overall score was 37-31. Kyung Hee University head coach Kim Hyun-guk called the first timeout of the second half.

Kim Seo-won quietly changed the atmosphere. He quickly connected on a ball from Hwang Young-chan. He also assisted Woo Sang-hyun (189 cm, G) for a three-point play. As time went on, Kim Seo-won adjusted well to Hanyang’s half-court press. This is why Kyung Hee University was somewhat out of trouble.

However, Kim Seowon’s scoring didn’t explode. The lack of offense from the team’s leading scorer put pressure on the rest of the team, and Kyung Hee’s offense eventually fell apart. Kyung Hee ended the third quarter down 44-43. They were on the verge of an upset.

Despite being a freshman, they needed their ace and main ball handler, Kim Seo-won, to step up. Kim Seowon also recognized the importance of the beginning of the fourth quarter. She looked at the rim more aggressively than before. Even if he didn’t score, he laid the foundation for second-chance points.

Hanyang University continued to chase. The time was getting shorter and shorter. But Kim Seowon took advantage of the defensive matchup. Posting up to Heo Dong-geun (175 cm, G), who was nearly 10 cm shorter than him. He created an imbalance in the defense with his jumper or under the basket.

Kim Seowon scored when it mattered, and Kyung Hee University went up 58-48 with two and a half minutes left in the game. Kim Seowon delivered the final blow. A steal followed by a fast break pass and a foul call threw cold water on Hanyang.

Until the third quarter, she hadn’t shown her presence. But in the fourth quarter, he showed himself as an ace and a fixer. He finished the game with 8 points, 4 steals, 3 assists, and 2 rebounds (1 offensive). He proved once again that Kyung Hee University has a scary freshman.

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