Reporter Yoo Jin-hyung] Yang Eui-ji, who was in 메이저놀이터 the dugout, jumped up from his seat and turned his finger and shouted at Rojas. Why is Yang Eui-ji so excited.

Doosan won 10-0 in the match between Kiwoom Heroes and Doosan Bears in the “2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 7th. Starting pitcher Kwak Bin’s two hits, two walks, five strikeouts, and no runs in five innings, and the batters who hit 16 hits in the long and short innings were able to win easily.

Rojas, who has recently been swinging a scary hard blow as his batting sense revived, recorded two hits, three RBIs and one walk in four at-bats, proving that the recent rise is no coincidence.

Rojas, who entered the batter’s box as the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the sixth inning with a 2-0 lead, was full of confidence. It was because he hit a double against McKinney in his previous at-bat and timed it. When McKinney’s fifth 133km cutter came high, Rojas’ bat spun without hesitation. The ball drew a very high parabola, and there was a large ball that passed the right pole and hit the top of the outfield. At the moment of hit, it was a ball that everyone at Jamsil Baseball Stadium would think was a large home run. However, a foul was declared. Then, Doosan dugout requested a video review.

At that moment, Yang Eui-ji of Doosan, who was in the dugout, jumped up from his seat and shouted to Rojas to turn his finger around the base and step on the home plate. However, Rojas seemed to know that his ball was a foul. Rojas stood at bat after hitting and watched the ball and showed little response to the foul declaration.

From the angle, only Doosan players and fans, including Yang Eui-ji, who was in the first base dugout, saw the ball as a home run. Yang Eui-ji’s face was clearly disappointed when a foul was declared as a result of the video reading. Rojas, on the other hand, did not seem to care.

Meanwhile, Doosan won six consecutive games with the victory, and continued to win games afterwards, winning eight consecutive games in five years. It is the first time in 1,851 days that Doosan has won eight consecutive games. Doosan, which is in third place with 41 wins, 1 draw and 36 losses, has gained an advantage in the mid-range fight by increasing its gap with fourth-place Lotte to two games.

Doosan was being chased by KT, ranked seventh, by 1.5 games on the 30th of last month. However, he continued his winning streak and advanced to third place, two games ahead of Lotte and three games ahead of NC.

Doosan, which has been on the rise, will move to Incheon from the 11th and play its final game against SSG in the first half. Currently, the gap between second-place SSG and third-place Doosan is five games. If Doosan continues its winning streak, the game gap between the two teams can be reduced to two games and join the competition for the lead.

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