Cho Kyu-Sung played for the Korean national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and performed impressively. Since the World Cup, many European teams have been calling for love. Mainz, Celtic, and Rangers have shown interest in Cho Kyu-sung.

In this situation, West Bromwich Albion (WBA) of the English Championship (second division) also expressed interest. In particular, this team attracted attention by revealing a more specific plan to recruit Cho Kyu-sung than other teams. 슬롯사이트

The WBA plans to release striker Kenneth Johore and recruit Cho Kyu-seong. He is being treated as an outcast by the WBA. Zohore, who is classified as an out-of-power player, belongs to the WBA, but has been on loan, and has not played a single game this season. Since he transferred to the WBA in 2019, he has not provided any assistance to the team. The contract period with WBA is until June.

Britain’s ’90min’ said, “WBA may release Johore to recruit Cho Kyu-sung. WBA has recently been linked with Cho Kyu-sung, and if Cho Kyu-sung arrives at WBA, coach Carlos Corberan will finally be able to clear Johore.” reported that

The media continued, “Covers Coveran is preparing an impressive turnaround. Promotion to the first division is necessary this season, and a new striker is needed for this. Cho Kyu-seong can be a new attacking option for Corberan. For this, Cho Kyu-sung must come to the WBA in January.”

Lastly, the media predicted, “Korean national teammate Son Heung-min praised Cho Kyu-sung a lot. Cho Kyu-sung will move to Europe this year and follow in the footsteps of a Tottenham star.”

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