Gangwon FC, which is walking the path of ‘direct relegation’, bought fans’ frown with an incomprehensible official announcement ahead of the match against FC Seoul. 

Gangwon FC explained in a press release on the 15th, “We are going to make a major announcement at 5:40 pm.” It was sudden news. 

Gangwon started broadcasting on 안전놀이터 YouTube five minutes later than the time to make an official announcement. CEO Kim Byung-ji delivered the news through a live broadcast. 

Representative Kim said, “I’m doing a live, so it’s obvious news,” he explained, “I started a live to give you important information. I’m going to announce it on YouTube to deliver honest and accurate facts.” 

Representative Kim Byeong-ji officially announced, “Yang Hyun-joon is transferring to Celtic.” 

The fact that had already been brought up in both domestic and foreign media was dared to be officially announced before the game. CEO Kim took out his contract and personally signed it. 

CEO Kim said, “Honestly, I don’t want to send it. There was a story about the away game in Gwangju last May. There was a negative situation about Yang Hyun-joon’s transfer from the coaching staff and the Ganghwa Department. Also, they had plans to send it to the winter transfer market. After that, various circumstances I had a lot of worries because of them. Today, this place has become a place to talk about important things.” 

Yang Hyun-joon, the transfer party, was also present. Yang Hyun-joon said, “I’m excited and happy, but on the other hand, it’s heavy. The team was in a difficult situation, and I’m sorry to the teammates, the coach, the club, and the fans for transferring without being responsible. “he said.

Gangwon has already received a great response by broadcasting live at the time of the renewal of the contract in 2021. But this time it was different. 

Fans who watched CEO Kim Byung-ji’s live broadcast on YouTube responded with comments such as “Are you proud that the player left?”, “This is fan deception,” “Is it an explanation and condescension?” .

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