Ulsan Hyundai Mobis beat Seoul Samsung 85-70, where Daral Willis fought hard, thanks to Gage Prim and Jang Jae-seok’s performance in SKT A. Pro Basketball 2022-23 held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on the 27th.

As a result of this day, Hyundai Mobis recorded 21 wins and 14 losses with 4 consecutive wins, and became 3rd without a ride to 2nd place Changwon LG. Samsung couldn’t avoid a losing streak. I ended up losing 12 in a row. With a record of 10 wins and 24 losses, it was placed at the bottom of the leaderboard.

1st quarter, Hyundai Mobis 27-17 Samsung: 10 assists made by 10-point advantage

Samsung started with Kim Si-rae, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Dong-yeop, Jang Min-guk, and Darral Willis, while Hyundai Mobis started with Seo Myung-jin, Kim Young-hyun, Lee Woo-seok, Jang Jae-seok, and Gage. Prim was named in the starting lineup.

The beginning was equal. In the calm flow of the game, both teams exchanged points, and after 2 minutes, a tie was drawn at 5-5.

Since then, Hyundai Mobis has taken a step forward. Jang Jae-seok scored under the goal and Seo Myung-jin from the outside. Samsung faltered. After 5 minutes, Hyundai Mobis led 18-10. Samsung took the operation time once, but failed to change the flow.

Hyundai Mobis continued its dominance. In the tighter flow compared to the previous time, they exchanged goals intermittently and continued to lead by 8 to 10 points. In the end, Hyundai Mobis took a 10-point lead.

2nd Quarter, Hyundai Mobis 43-36 Samsung: Chasing and responding, Hyundai Mobis leading the way

Samsung narrowed it down to 21-27 with Willis’ consecutive goals. Hyundai Mobis quickly took the operation time. Samsung continued to narrow it down. He allowed 4 points in 2 minutes, but made a 28-31, one-possession game with a fast break and a Willis dunk.

Samsung eventually succeeded in reversing. After successfully defending inside, he led 32-31 with Willis dunk and Shin Dong-hyuk perimeter jumper.

Hyundai Mobis seldom released an attack, and when it reached the 5th minute, it took the second operation time. Immediately, the Sims 2 Man game added points and made a reversal, leading 36-32, 4 points with Lee Woo-seok 3 points in a row.

Samsung took the operation time. Hyundai Mobis had to cut off the uptrend. The game after that was a bit loose. There was a lot of tension, but the score was sluggish. In the two minutes, both teams only added one goal each.

Entering the final stage, Hyundai Mobis ran away again. After adding points with Sims’ free throw and Seo Myung-jin’s jumper, he tied the score at 2 points with a conceded point, leading by 7 points.

Third quarter, Hyundai Mobis 64-58 Samsung: Hyundai Mobis running away, Samsung caught

up. It was the beginning of the game with both teams continuing a close match in a calm attack flow. Hyundai Mobis continued to lead by 5-7 points. There was no change in flow until 5 minutes had passed. Both teams added points with high scoring efficiency in set offense situations.

With 4 minutes left, Hyundai Mobis made a quick attack, leading 55-46, 9 points, changing the flow. Samsung took the operation time right away. Hyundai Mobis took a double-digit lead with Ji-hoon Ham’s free throw, and took a 60-48, 12-point lead with consecutive prim 3-point plays. It was the first crisis that came to Samsung.

Samsung reduced the gap to 8 points with Kim Si-rae free throw and Lee Ho-hyun 3 points. Hyundai Mobis immediately requested an operation time. Samsung continued to do its best. Lee Dong-yeop, Willis, and Lee Ho-hyun scored in a row, reducing the gap to 6 points. Hyundai Mobis lost concentration for a while and allowed a close match.

4th quarter, Hyundai Mobis 85-70 Samsung: There was no change. Hyundai Mobis successfully winning 4 consecutive wins Amid

high tension, Samsung did not miss the chase. While scores were rarely added, Hyundai Mobis continued to lead by 7 to 9 points, and the first half passed, and when 2 minutes and 30 seconds passed, Samsung caught up with Kim Si-rae free throw by 63-68, 5 points. 메이저놀이터

Hyundai Mobis ran away again. Lee Woo-seok and Shin Min-seok scored, leading 73-63, 10 points. Samsung took the operation time once, but failed to change the flow.

Beyond the middle, Samsung took a close battle. 2 minutes and 49 seconds before the end, the Willis jumper caught up with 70-77. It was a score that made the pursuit range, and Hyundai Mobis took the operation time.

Seo Myung-jin made a 3-point shot. Again, the score difference increased to 10 points. The Samsung attack failed, and Hyundai Mobis added 2 points by breaking Lee Woo-seok. In fact, it was the moment when the game was decided.

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