Park Jeong-hwan, 9th Dan, ranked 3rd in the Korean Go ranking, who joined in May 2006, became the 16th Korean professional player to achieve 1,000 personal wins. 토토사이트

In the 41st KBS King of Baduk Match semifinals held at KBS New Building Studio in Yeouido, Seoul on the 3rd, Park Jung-hwan lost his black hand to Ahn Seong-jun, 9th Dan, in 227 moves.

With this, Park Jung-hwan reaped his 1,000th win in 16 years and 9 months since joining in 2006.

His career record is 1,000 wins and 365 losses (73.26% win rate).

Park Jung-hwan, who won 34 championships and 17 runners-up at home and abroad, won the gold medal at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, becoming the youngest player ever (17 years and 11 months) to rise to fame.

Prior to Park Jeong-hwan, Cho Hoon-hyeon (1,959 wins), Lee Chang-ho (1,853 wins), Seo Bong-soo (1,752 wins), Yoo Chang-hyeok (1,359 wins), Lee Se-dol (1,324 wins, retirement), Choi Cheol-han (1,262 wins) wins) Seo Neung-wook (1,183 wins) Jo Han-seung (1,129 wins) Park Young-hoon (1,081 wins) Mok Jin-seok (1,073 wins) Ahn Jo-young (1,052 wins) Kang Hoon (1,047 wins) ·Kim Soo-jang (1,018 wins) Choi Gyu-byeong (1,06 wins) Kang Dong-yoon (1,02 wins) 9th dan broke the 1,000-win mark.

Shin Jin-seo, the first player in Korean baduk who joined in 2012, has a winning rate of 77.25% with a total of 846 matches, 652 wins, 2 draws and 192 losses, until January 2023. The career win rate of 77.25% is the highest ever in the history of Korean origins.

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