On the 17th (Korean time), the Boston Red Sox traded Hyo-Jun Park, who was assigned the designation, to the Atlanta Braves. From Atlanta, it was decided to receive a player later or to receive cash.

Hyo-jun Park was traded from the New York Yankees to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the second half of the 2021 season. He was named to the opening roster for the 2022 season, but suffered frequent ups and downs between the big leagues and Triple-A.

After the season, Pittsburgh traded him to Boston.

However, Boston assigned Hyo-Jun Park to make room for closer Kenley Jensen.

Then they traded him to Atlanta. In just 1 year and 5 months, we have gone through 4 teams.

Atlanta was last year’s World Series champion. It is not that easy to secure a seat.

Shortstop Dansby Swanson’s future has nothing to do with Park Hyo-joon.

The Atlanta infield is made up of Matt Olsen, Azi Albies and Austin Riley. If Dance Rain leaves, he will use Von Grissom.

The outfield is already full. Michael Harris and Ronald Acuña Jr. have taken two spots, with Marcel Osuna, Eddie Rosario and Sam Hilliard looking for another spot.

Therefore, Park Hyo-joon must pass the position of utility man. However, he has to face tough competition from Orlando Arcia, Braden Shoemake and Adrian Zah.

It is said that 토토 Park Hyo-joon has good defense and stealing ability, so Atlanta can use it, but this is the repertoire he used when he was traded to Boston.

It is unknown for what reason Atlanta took Hyo-Jun Park, but the possibility of using him as a trade card cannot be ruled out during the transfer process.

Park Hyo-joon still has a two-year option, so the club can send him down to the minor leagues and then move him up to the big leagues if necessary.

Attention is focusing on how long Park Hyo-joon will endure this humiliation.

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