The Overwatch League, which entered the Stove League, presented the direction of operation for this season. 스포츠토토

The Overwatch League announced major changes to the 2023 season schedule and details in a community update video and blog post released today.

The biggest change in the operation of the 2023 season is the application of an open ecosystem, starting with the East region, including Korea. Starting this season, multiple Contenders teams that have passed the Open Division and Contenders in each region in the eastern region will participate in the Overwatch League match for the first time in league history, completing a unique bracket that competes with teams from the existing league.

First of all, the teams that will advance to the Overwatch League Eastern region will be selected through preliminary matches between the top Contenders teams from Korea, Asia Pacific (APAC), Australia, and New Zealand. A total of 12 teams will advance to the spring stage ‘Opens’, and teams that have passed this gateway will advance to ‘Knockouts’ to compete against teams from the existing Overwatch League East region.

On the other hand, the Western region will operate the same season as last year, and in the West, instead of the opportunity for Contenders teams to participate in official league matches, the North American and European Contenders teams will compete against the Overwatch League Western teams for three weeks, and a new ‘Pro-Am Tournament’ will be established. Contribute to the expansion of the marine ecosystem.

The Overwatch League is also making changes to how it operates throughout the season this year to support expanded openness.

First, the season is divided into spring stage (first half) and summer stage (second half). Each stage will culminate with its respective global LAN event pitting the best teams from the East and West against each other, including the Mid-Season Madness Tournament and Grand Finals.

Each stage consists of the Opens, which selects a team representing Contenders to advance to the league knockout based on the Eastern region, Qualifiers, which is a ranking competition between teams in the league, and Knockouts, where these teams face each other. ) is performed sequentially.

The official Overwatch League schedule for the 2023 season starts with the regular season on April 28, followed by the newly established Pro-Am tournament on March 24.

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