The Korea-Japan match is also likely to be delayed as some of the women’s soccer quarterfinals at the Hangzhou Asian Games, which were supposed to face off among the “top players in the group,” have been slightly changed.

According to the Asian Games women’s soccer quarterfinals announced on the website of the tournament on the 18th, South Korea’s top spot in Group E will face second place in Group D or first place in Group C. The first place in Group D will compete with the first place in Group C or the second place in Group E to advance to the semifinals.

The women’s soccer group stage at the Hangzhou Asian Games was divided into five groups, with three teams in Group A-C and four teams in Group D and Group E. The top five countries in each group and the top three countries in each group will face off in the quarterfinals.메이저놀이터

In the original match table, the first place in Group D and the first place in Group E were scheduled to meet in the quarterfinals. As a result, the Korean national team is expected to meet Japan, a women’s soccer powerhouse that is expected to advance to the top of Group D in the quarterfinals, and play a match between Korea and Japan.

However, as the match changed, the possibility of facing Japan from the quarterfinals was greatly reduced. If South Korea and Japan each rank first in the group, the Korea-Japan match will take place in the final.

The Korea Football Association said it has not been notified by the Asian Games Organizing Committee about the change of the match. The association received a file from the organizing committee of the tournament on the 8th that summarized the changed schedule of all Asian Games events, and there was no mention of the change in the soccer schedule in the document. Instead, the guidelines received on the same day were printed with a revised match list without a notice on the schedule change. They said that they did not think that the match table would have changed in the absence of a notice of a change in the soccer schedule, and did not check the new match table separately.

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