This season, the major league of American professional baseball is marked by the phenomenon of ‘contributing batter’. The height of the mound is greater than the power of the bat. It is easy to understand if you look at the most basic hitting indicators. As of the 10th (Korean time), 토토사이트 there are only 10 players with a batting average of 30% or higher in the major leagues.

The National League and American League each have 5 .30 hitters on good terms. In a situation where a 30% hitter is very rare, “Awesome Kim” Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres) is recording a batting average of 0.288. From the middle of the season, he showed a flaming blow, and before he knew it, he rose to just under 30%.

He currently ranks ninth in the National League batting average. He boasts the highest batting average in San Diego. He creates opportunities as the number one hitter, and also solves the chances himself. He hits well, runs well and calls well. Not to mention the defense. Second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop all play net defense.

The stigma of being a half player has been completely washed away. His batting average was only 0.202 in his debut season in 2021, and he stayed at 0.251 last year as well. This season, the batting average is also the batting average, but the striking opponent is clear in all areas of the offensive index. His home runs (15), walks (56), stolen bases (27), on-base percentage (0.384), slugging percentage (0.451), and OPS (0.835) all set his own big-league records.

The symbolism of the 300 batting average does not require a long explanation. When evaluating a good hitter, the basic A-class standard for batting average is 30%. 30% is more valuable in a situation where the pitcher is clear like this season. If Kim Ha-seong, who has already stolen 27 bases, wins the 30% batting average title, the evaluation of ‘hotajunjok’ will inevitably come out.

The bat is definitely on fire, which is encouraging. Kim Ha-seong recorded a high batting average of 0.385 in the last 7 games. He’s 15 games wide and his batting average rises further to 0.415. Now he has 47 games left this season. Indeed, it is noteworthy whether Ha-seong Kim, who has properly opened his eyes in the attack, can conquer his batting average of 30%.

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