New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge joined the 3 home run club for the first time since his major league debut.

In the game against the Washington Nationals at 온라인바카라 Yankee Stadium on the 24th (Korean time), Judge connected the 25th of the season with a mid-month home run from left-hander Mackenzie Gore in the first inning. Then, in the second inning, he hit a home run with a grand slam toward the center. He then finished with a superior home run in the last 7th inning.

The Yankees ended their 9-game losing streak by defeating Washington 9-1 with Judge’s record of 3 homers (Nos. 25, 26, 27) and 6 RBIs in a single game. 4 at-bats, 3 hits, 6 RBI, 3 runs scored. The Yankees had lost nine straight games for the first time in 41 years since 1982. After 10 consecutive losses since 1913, Judge’s home run escaped the disgrace.

Three home runs in one game in Yankees franchise history is the 34th in his career. 25th player of all time. It is the first time since Anthony Ridzo on April 27 last year. However, it is the first time in eight years since Alex Rodriguez on April 27, 2005, that a grand slam has been included in three homers in one game. Judge played as the designated hitter that day.

Jersey’s career multi-home run is 32 games. Yankees slugger Babe Ruth 68, MLB history’s greatest switch hitter Mickey Mantle 46, Lou Gehrig 43, Joe DiMaggio 35 games. They are all legends inducted into the Hall of Fame.

In MLB history, three home runs in one game were written 661 times in the American League and 346 times in the National League.

The four homers in a slugger’s best game were the 18th in both leagues. No slugger has been written more than once. The most recent game with four homers was a record set by JD Martinez of the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Los Angeles Dodgers on September 5, 2017. Martinez is currently with the Dodgers.

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