The ‘2022 Hold King’ Jung Woo-young (23-LG) is finally getting back on track. LG already boasts an ironclad bullpen this season, and it’s only going to get stronger.

Jung is one of the best middle relievers in the 토토사이트 league and comes from a lineage of hard-hitting side arms. Since his rookie season in 2019, he has continued to grow, taking over the LG bullpen. He is now one of the best bullpen arms in the league.

He increased his hold count every year, starting with 16 in 2019, followed by 20 in 2020, 27 in 2021, and 35 in 2022. In four years, he has 98 holds, which is the most in the league along with KT. Last year, they won the hold title.

But this year, a change was detected. Jung Woo-young’s hold on his main weapon, Tusim, has dropped. He also has a slow slide step, so he’s been working on his pitching mechanics to fix that. He also walks a lot of batters. Last year, he walked 4.97 batters per nine innings. This year, it’s 2.27.

Changing the pitching form was necessary to erase and compensate for these shortcomings. It took Jung a lot of thought before he decided to change his pitching style. At the end of April, he made the decision.

He worked with pitching coach Kim Kyung-tae to make the change. It’s hard to change once and for all. It seems that the fruits of his labor are finally coming.

On April 1, Jung threw 1⅓ innings in relief against KIA, striking out three. His fastball was up to 154 kilometers.

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