Shin Young-woo (19, NC Dinos), the best pitching prospect, digested the second pitching of the spring camp.

According to the NC team on the 7th, Shin Young-woo played 30 and 45 pitches at an 80-90% intensity at the Arizona camp, respectively. He completed the training without any problems, and the highest fastball speed was recorded up to 149 km / h.

Shin Young-woo said, “I have a good balance when playing catch on flat ground, but I haven’t gotten used to it yet since it’s been a long time since I’ve been pitching on a mound.” So, camp life is fun,” he added. “There are many opportunities to talk with seniors during daily routines, such as living in a dorm, training time, and meal time. There are many things that they tell us, so I think it’s fun to learn.” 슬롯사이트

Shin Young-woo, who graduated from Gyeongnam High School, was nominated as the 4th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2023 rookie draft. Pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (Hanwha Eagles), pitcher Yoon Young-chul (KIA Tigers), and infielder Kim Min-seok (Lotte Giants) were called up quickly. At the time, Min Dong-geun, NC scout team leader, said, “Shin Young-woo has the best ‘work ethic’ among the players who participated in this year’s draft. His skills are unquestionably excellent.” It can reach up to 154 km/h. The main pitch, the knuckle curve, is evaluated as an excellent pitch that is comparable to that of professional players based on data. I thought that it could be a new type of pitcher that did not exist in NC, so I nominated it in the first round.”

Shin Young-woo was named in the first-team camp as the team had high expectations. Among the rookies who joined this year, only Shin Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho (23, rookie round 6 in 2023) got a valuable opportunity. And he impressed the coaching staff with a velocity approaching 150km/h in the second pitching.

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