Croatia, led by Luka Modric, won. Croatia succeeded in finishing the tournament in third place, showing off its age against the ‘miracle team’ Morocco. Morocco also received applause from the world for its active play until the end.

At midnight on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time), the 2022 FIFA (International Football Federation) Qatar World Cup 3rd and 4th place match took place at the Khalifa International Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar. Croatia and Morocco clashed. The result of the match was 2-1, Croatia won. Croatia defeated Morocco with a goal scored by Ashraf Dari in the 9th minute by tying back-to-back goals from Joshko Gbardiol in the 7th minute and Orsha in the 42nd minute. Croatia finished runner-up at the 메이저놀이터 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and third in the World Cup in Qatar, showing off their ‘World Cup powerhouse’ to their heart’s content.

Croatia, with Marco Libaya at the top, put forward K-League Orsha, “Ballon d’Or” Luka Modric, and Chelsea’s Matteo Kovacic as starters, making it clear that they do not intend to play a clumsy match for third or fourth place. did. Morocco also has an elite team. ‘Killer’ Youssef En Nesiri stood in the front as always, and pulled out all the good cards, such as Achraf Hakimi of Paris Saint-Germain and Hakim Ziyech of Chelsea.

The opening goal was scored early. The main character was Croatian centre-back Yoszko Gbardiol. In the 7th minute of the first half, Yoshko Gbardiol threw the ball back to his head from Ivan Peresic and finished it off with a flying header. It was a sharp trajectory that even Yassin Bono, one of the best goalkeepers in the tournament, could not block.

Morocco, however, quickly struck back. Certainly, he had the potential to advance to the semifinals as ‘Africa’s first’. As with Croatia, centre-back Ashraf Dari broke the net in the 9th minute of the first half. Ashraf Bridge took advantage of the lack of clearance from Croatia in a set-piece chance and approached the goal. Then, without taking his eyes off the ball, he scored the equalizer with a header.

The match turned into a brawl. Two goals were scored before the 10th minute of the first half was over, so it was understandable. Unlike the previous games, the two teams were in an atmosphere of releasing the defensive wall to some extent and concentrating on the attack. In the 10th minute of the first half, Orsha aimed at the Moroccan goal with his signature kick. The ball was less coiled at the end, so it was not an effective shot.

Another goal was scored at the end of the first half. The main character was Orsha. Orsha, who played a big role in the K-League, such as Jeonnam Dragons and Ulsan Hyundai in the past, reproduced that appearance at that time on the high-level stage of the 3rd and 4th place matches in the World Cup. Orsha kicked the ball that was passed to him from the outskirts. The ball flew sharply toward the far goal post, and goalkeeper Yashin Bono seemed to block it by touching it, but Orsha’s shot was stronger. The ball then hit the goal post and crossed the goal line.

The first half ended like this. Croatia led 2-1, and Morocco needed a counterattack in the second half. As Morocco coach Walid Legraghi did in the semifinal match against France, he actively made substitutions. As soon as the second half started, Ilias Chair replaced Abdelhamid Sabiri, and in the 11th minute Bilal El Canus was replaced by Azzedine Unahi. put us in Then, in the 22nd minute of the second half, he replaced Jawad El-Yamik with Selim Amala, realizing everything he could do off the bench. Croatia also recalled Andrei Kramaric and adjusted the balance by removing Nikola Vlasic, Marco Rivaja and Rob Mayer and adding Bruno Petkovic and Mario Pasalic. In the meantime, Andrei Kramaric showed tears as he left, reminding me of how great the meaning of the World Cup is.

By the time the 30th minute of the second half passed, the audience who had entered the Khalifa International Stadium was announced. It was 44,137 people. People who love Croatia and Morocco gathered and achieved almost full spectators despite the 3rd and 4th place matches. Some say it’s a dull 3rd and 4th place match, but it was a figure that revealed that it was an important match for someone else. The players who violently protested or cried at the referee on the ground also proved the weight of this game.

Both teams fought hard until the end. Anyone could see Morocco fighting with a fighting spirit to achieve victory, while Croatia threatened Morocco’s goal by armed with skillful play. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Mateo Kovacic showed a shot close to the goal.

In the end, the match ended like this. Extra time passed amid Morocco’s offensive, but the final whistle blew. Croatia, who took the lead in the first half, succeeded in maintaining their position until the end. Croatia is in third place. Morocco, on the other hand, did not hold back.

Croatia did a great job of Luka Modric’s final moments. The match against Morocco was Luka Modric’s last World Cup schedule, as even FIFA used the phrase ‘last dance’ before the match. Luka Modric got the result of 3rd place and was able to leave nicely.

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