The speculation that Lionel Messi (35-Paris Saint-Germain) 토토사이트 could be heading to Saudi Arabia this summer has resurfaced. While he still wants to return to his “hometown” Barcelona, he has yet to receive an official offer and is reportedly unable to delay his decision any longer and will sign with Al-Hilal, who have recently offered him a huge salary.

French outlet ‘Foot Mercato’ reported on March 30 (KST), “Messi is still most hopeful of returning to Barcelona. However, based on the information available to date, the trend is now completely toward Saudi Arabia.”

Messi is set to leave Paris Saint-Germain on June 30. He is out of contract and talks to renew his contract have completely broken down. In particular, he was asked to take a pay cut and was booed by fans, which reportedly turned him off.

Messi wanted to return to Barcelona after two years and considered playing in Europe a “top priority,” especially before the 2024 CONMEBOL Copa America, and when his former coach, Xavi Hernandez (43, Spain), asked for a reunion, he agreed.

However, with Barcelona facing financial problems, Messi’s return has hit a snag. Unless the issue of his salary is resolved, he won’t be on the roster next season. As a result, he reportedly still hasn’t received an official transfer offer.

While he plans to make a decision in the next few days, Messi has apparently decided that he cannot wait for Barcelona’s transfer offer and the Spanish Primera Liga’s approval, and has made up his mind to join Al-Hilal, who have offered him an astronomical €400 million.

Notably, according to Foot Mercato, Messi’s father and agent, Jorge Messi, 65, of Argentina, has reportedly already accepted Al-Hilal’s contract offer, despite the fact that Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, 65, had earlier this month labeled it “fake news. His close relationship with Saudi Arabia, where he is an ambassador for the country’s tourism board, was also said to have played a role in the move.

Naturally, there is a lot of interest in the prospect of seeing Messi take on his ‘rival’ Cristiano Ronaldo (38-Alnasr) in a ‘Mehbo war’ in Asia rather than Europe. Some have expressed deep disappointment that even the ‘God of Soccer’ is heading to Saudi Arabia after all.