Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop sighed on Thursday when he announced the injury status of catcher Yang Yang-ji. He suffered a shin contusion and will not be 메이저사이트 able to play catcher for the time being. Yang was left out of the starting lineup against Jamsil Samsung Electronics. He only took batting practice before the game.

Yang injured his right shin the previous day when he slid into home plate in the bottom of the first inning and was caught by catcher Kim Tae-gun’s leg. He entered the field in the top of the second inning but didn’t last long before being replaced.

Lee requested a video review after Yang was ruled out. He asked for a video review to see if Kim Tae-gun was blocking home plate. The umpires did not overturn the call. Lee tried to challenge the call, but was denied.

“Actually, if (Kim) didn’t have his legs, I would have called it a save,” Lee said. “I wanted to ask if it was a normal play or an obstruction, but now I’m not allowed to do that.” “If it’s the same for all 10 teams, I don’t think there’s a problem at all,” Lee said, adding, “It’s a situation that can happen in the future, and we need to understand it so that we don’t make such a play next time, but it’s a little frustrating.”

Doosan designated Jang Won-jun for assignment and called up catcher Ahn Seung-hyun. This is because Yang won’t be able to play catcher for the foreseeable future. Ahn Seung-hyun will be the starting catcher today. The plan is to bring Jang Won-jun back to the first team to start later.

When asked when Yang will be able to return to catching, Lee said, “I don’t have a date yet. It’s a bit unfortunate,” he sighed.

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