Pohang secured the right to advance to the Asian Champions League (ACL) by finishing third last season. By signing a three-year contract renewal with coach Kim Ki-dong, the biggest worry was resolved. There is a change in the squad, but the change in the second line is the largest.

First of all, Im Sang-hyup, who had a disagreement in salary negotiations, left for FC Seoul. Im Sang-hyeop received attention from Seoul, Suwon FC, and Incheon United. Im Sang-hyeop was brought by coach Kim, foretelling a revival ahead of the 2021 season. Im Sang-hyeop, who had not been able to show off his previous skills, scored 19 goals and 6 assists in 72 appearances in two seasons in Pohang. It was one of director Kim’s ‘trustworthy men’.

Pohang, which succeeded in recruiting frontline striker Jeka early on, moved quickly in the transfer market and transfused a large number of side resources. Following Kim Seung-jun and Kim In-seong, he succeeded in bringing Baek Sung-dong. Kim In-seong was born in 1989 and is in his 30s, but his strength is explosive speed. However, it is evaluated that he lacks 2% in his finishing ability. During the last two seasons, he played for Seoul E-Land, which belongs to the second division, and it is noteworthy how he will show in Pohang by taking advantage of coach Kim’s unique strengths.

Kim Seung-joon’s strength is breaking through and shooting using speed. Baek Seong-dong can play on both sides as well as in the center of the second line. 스포츠토토 He is good at connecting play and participating in defense, so it is highly useful. It is expected that he will compete with Jung Jae-hee, who spent his first season in Pohang last season.

It is expected that Koh Young-joon, a U-22 resource under the age of 22, will play in the center of the second line until this season. If the new foreign player Oberdan successfully settles here, Shin Jin-ho can be promoted more aggressively. When Lee Seung-mo, who was on the operating table due to a toe fracture, returns, the rotation is smooth. It’s definitely a bigger use than last season.

Also in Pohang, the second line, especially the side attack, is very important in coach Kim’s football. Renewing the contract with Kim Seung-dae, who returned to Pohang last season, is expected to be the remaining transfer market task.