Kim Min-jung left the court due to a neck injury.

For KB Stars, Park Ji-soo suffered a finger injury and Yeom Yoon-ah suffered an ankle injury. Even Kim Min-jung left the court due to an injury while the power leak was already severe.

On the 11th, Cheongju KB Stars had a 5th round home match against Busan BNK Some at the Cheongju Gymnasium.

4 minutes and 8 seconds before the end of the first quarter, Kim Min-jeong fell after blocking Jinan’s attack. Lee Sa-bin jumped to catch the flowing ball and fell on top of Kim Min-jung. As a result, Kim Min-jung bumped into Lee Sa-bin’s lower body and suffered a neck injury.

Kim Min-jung was unable to get up for a while after falling. Teammates sent a sign to the bench that the game could not proceed, and Kim Min-jung left the court with the help of trainers.

Until this day, Kim Min-jung recorded 14.9 points (6th in the league), 4.9 rebounds and 1.3 assists in an average of 35 minutes and 23 seconds in 21 games this season. He kept Park Ji-soo’s vacancy under the goal of KB Stars, but he suffered an unexpected injury. Kim Min-jung was recording 2 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist in 5 minutes and 21 seconds before being injured.


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