KT Rolster coach Kang Dong-hoon opened his mouth about the 3rd set of T1, which brought out Jerry and Heimerdinger.

KT lost 1-2 to T1 in the 2023 ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring season regular league round 1 held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 20th. We started the season in 5th place with 0 wins and 1 loss (-1).

Director Kang, who visited the press room after the game, said, “The players must have been nervous because it was the first game of the season, but they did well as they prepared for the first set. In this game, I played well according to the direction as instructed, and I was satisfied with the communication and play direction.”

“Unfortunately, however, the 2nd and 3rd sets were not good (performance),” he said. (The season) is just beginning. It is encouraging to check the parts that did not fit.”

He kept quiet about why he chose Jerry as Heimerdinger’s partner in the third set. However, he revealed that the play went differently than expected. Director Kang said, “In the third set, I had to use Rise to take advantage of the strengths of the mid and jungle. There was an accident in the jungle in the beginning, and Ryze’s first ultimate was missing, so the plan went wrong.”

“Since Ryze has the line initiative against Kassadin, the pressure on the side had to go to the bottom. He added, “(Strategy) got a lot twisted in the beginning.” 카지노사이트

In addition, coach Kang said, “It was a good game to find a positive image against the strongest team,” and said, “I learned a lot.” “What worked well in practice did not work well in the game. I hope the players feel a lot and develop,” he said. “I will prepare well again. I will show you a better image.”

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