On the 1st, at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the regular season of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, Dplus Kia vs. Gen.G, was held.

On this day at D+ Kia, Kim “Kanna” Chang-dong, “Canyon” Geon-bu, “Showmaker” Heo-soo, “Deft” Kim Hyuk-gyu, and “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu competed. ‘ Jung Ji-hoon, ‘Faze’ Soo-hwan Kim, and ‘Delight’ Hwan-joong Yoo came out.

In the second set, Gen.G picked Xante, Bai, LeBlanc, Jerry, and Lulu, while Dplus Kia picked Nar, Sejuani, Silas, Sivir, and Yumi.

The first place came from the top. ‘Canyon’ and ‘Peanut’ attempted top ganking at the same time, and ‘Canyon’, which was slightly faster, caught ‘Doran’ and scored 1 kill. Afterwards, ‘Canyon’ took the first messenger, and ‘Peanut’ took the first dragon, the Earth Dragon.

‘Canyon’, who tried to gank mid-way, showed perfect harmony with ‘Kellin’ and ‘Showmaker’ and exploded ‘Chobi’. ‘Face’ caught ‘Kellin’ who returned to the line and completely broke the bottom balance. 메이저놀이터

While Deplus Kia took the second dragon, the Flame Dragon,

The third dragon, the wind dragon, appeared and a large-scale teamfight was held. Dplus Kia cut off ‘Chobi’ who lacked skills and killed the dragon, but later, in the process of protecting the 1st turret, ‘Canyon’ and ‘Showmaker’ died and gave up Baron.

With the situation at a great disadvantage, Deplus Kia prepared for a teamfight using ‘Kanna”s initiating by hitting the fourth dragon, the wind dragon, first, but as ‘Kanna’ was sucked in, everyone except ‘Canyon’ died, and even gave up the dragon. ended up

Once again wearing the Baron buff, Gen.G went to the midfield instead of losing ‘Chovy’, launching an ace and destroying the Nexus, winning a 2-0 win against Deplus KIA.

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