NC Dinos outfielder Son Ah-seop, 35, has made history.

He became the first player in KBO history to reach 150 hits in eight consecutive seasons and the second player in history to reach 200 hits in 11 consecutive seasons.

Son reached both milestones in the top of the third inning of the first game of a doubleheader against Lotte at Changwon NC Park on Sept. 9 with a leadoff single in his second at-bat.

Son, who had 149 hits and 199 runs batted in the previous day, started in the No. 1 spot and drove a 144-kilometer fastball from Lotte starter Park Se-woong over the wall in the second at-bat of the third inning for his 150th hit and 200th RBI of the season.토토사이트

Son As-seop in the third inning of Game 1 of a doubleheader against Lotte on Sept. 9, recording his 150th hit of the season and 200th RBI for the second time in 11 seasons. Photo courtesy of NC Dinos
After reaching first base, Son took off his helmet and greeted the crowd that filled the first-base side bleachers. After crossing the plate on Martin’s hit, he returned to the dugout to receive a congratulatory bouquet of flowers and enthusiastic congratulations from his teammates.

Eight consecutive 150-hit seasons. An unprecedented record in KBO history. It surpassed Park Yong-taek’s record of 150 hits in seven consecutive seasons (2012-2018) with LG.

After debuting with Lotte in 2007, Son had seven seasons of 150+ hits, starting with 186 in 2016 and ending with 152 in 2022.

From 2010 to this season, he had 14 seasons with 100 or more hits. In 2017, he topped the list with a career-high 193 hits.

After slumping last year, his first year in the NC, Son has bounced back with a bang after preparing for the season with a broken tooth.

As of Aug. 8, he is second in hits and second in batting average. He is aiming for his fourth career batting title and first career batting title.

In the third inning of Game 1 of the doubleheader against Lotte on Sept. 9, Son receives a bouquet of flowers from manager Kang Myung-hwa after reaching 150 hits for the second consecutive season and 200 hits for the second time in 11 seasons, and crossing home plate on Martin’s single. Photo courtesy of NC Dinos
He also became the second player in history to reach 200 RBIs in 11 consecutive seasons.

The record is second only to Lee Dae-ho’s three consecutive 200-run seasons with Lotte (2005-2011, 2017-2020).

Two significant milestones were achieved by the consistency of the “hitter” Son As-seob.

The first eight consecutive 150-hit seasons in history and the second 11 consecutive 200-hit seasons in KBO history will go down in history as valuable as any career record.

In an interview after the team’s disappointing 2-5 loss, Son said, “I want to thank those who supported and congratulated me on the record. I think the record comes naturally when you play consistently. I got a hit in the first game, but it didn’t lead to a team win, so I won’t attach much importance to it. I appreciate the support and I will continue to be a consistent player. Right now, I’m more focused on the team winning and going to fall baseball than my personal record, and I’m going to put all my energy on the field.”

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