Women’s professional basketball Yongin Samsung Life Insurance lost 5 consecutive games due to injuries to key players such as Bae Hye-yoon, Kiana Smith, and Yun Ye-bin. In 2003, “Future” Jo Soo-ah and 1992 veteran Kim Dan-bi played a double-double side by side. He caught the lowest ranked Bucheon Hanawon Q and regained the 3rd place with 2 consecutive wins.

Samsung Life Insurance beat Hana One Q 63-51 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league away game held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 4th.

As a result, Samsung Life Insurance, which recently escaped from 5 consecutive losses and ran 2 consecutive wins, rose to third place (13 wins, 10 losses), beating Shinhan Bank (12 wins, 10 losses).

Jo Soo-ah (15 points, 11 rebounds) and Kim Dan-bi (11 points, 12 rebounds) led the win with a double-double side by side.

On the other hand, Hana 1 Q remained at the bottom, taking its 20th loss (3 wins) despite the struggles of Shin Ji-hyun (17 points) and Kim Ji-young (10 points, 6 rebounds).

Samsung Life Insurance took a 16-9 lead in the first quarter, beating Hana 1Q, who suffered from hunting in the early stages.

Unlike Samsung Life, where Kim Dan-bi, Lee Myung-gwan (above 5 points), and Jo Soo-ah (4 points) scored evenly, Hana 1 Q only managed one 2-point and 3-point shot each in the first quarter, and committed 6 turnovers, making it heavy. stepped off

In the second quarter that followed, both teams couldn’t solve the game easily.

The shot did not finish well, and at the end of the quarter, Hana OneQ Kim Ye-jin and Samsung Life Insurance Lee Hae-ran got into foul trouble with 4 fouls.

In this situation, Samsung Life ran away 31-14 thanks to goals by Lee Hae-ran and Lee Myeong-gwan in the second half of the quarter.

Hana 1Q, which accumulated points with free throws, chased after Kim Ji-young’s 3-point shot and Shin Ji-hyun’s goal in the paint zone, but Samsung Life finished the first half with a score of 32-23.

With both teams regrouping at halftime, in the third quarter, Hana 1Q also tried to catch up by scoring again.

Shin Ji-hyun, who alone scored 7 points, Yang In-yeong and Jeong Ye-rim all worked hard, and 14 seconds before the end of the quarter, Kim Ji-young scored a quick break to narrow the gap to 44-51.

Samsung Life, which was driven to the chase, showed its willingness to win in the middle of the third quarter by putting in Bae Hye-yoon, who is recovering from an injury.

However, Hana 1 Q was unable to reverse the game. 스포츠토토

Shin Ji-Hyun, who had been steadily raising the score in the 4th quarter, slowed down as she was sent off for 5 fouls with 6 minutes and 18 seconds left in the game.

In the middle of the quarter, Lee Ha-eun scored under the goal to make it 50-55, but the gap did not narrow further.

In the second half of the quarter, when Samsung Life was chased 57-51, Shin Iseul and Kang Yu-rim scored 3 consecutive points to tip the pendulum.

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