There is something called timing for everything in the world.

If so, it doesn’t mean much. After all, in retrospect, there is no effect without a cause.

The NC Dinos will unfortunately part ways with FA outfield duo Lee Myeong-gi and Kwon Hee-dong.

An official from the NC club recently explained, “We conveyed the club’s intentions through an agent.” This means that he has expressed his intention that the contract is difficult. This official said, “We need to give young players such as Seong-wook Kim 메이저사이트 (who has completed military service) Jang-han Oh and Seok-hyun Han (who was recruited as a Futures League free agent) opportunities to participate so that they can accumulate first-team experience. ‘s contract is unreasonable,” he said, drawing a line at the realistic limit.

The NC outfield is saturated.

With the recruitment of Jason Martin, the starting outfield position along with Park Gun-woo and Son Ah-seop were confirmed.

NC coach Kang In-kwon said, “I plan to use Martin as center fielder and turn Park Kun-woo into right field to reduce the burden of defense.” “We plan to use Son Ah-seop as left fielder and designated hitter. Han Seok-hyun and others will compete,” he said, revealing his plan for next season’s outfield. The future strategy is to increase opportunities for young players to play in the first team and discover new faces to lead the next generation. In other words, the back-up outfield, which will be the main player in the future, is tightly knit. Kim Seong-wook, Han Seok-hyeon, and Oh Jang-han are players who have already accumulated considerable experience in the Futures League. Now, in earnest, the 1st team needs to increase their experience and prove their potential.

Lee Myung-gi and Kwon Hee-dong are still useful in terms of experience and skills, but due to the composition of NC players, an unfortunate breakup has become inevitable.

NC entered into negotiations with Yang Eui-ji and Park Min-woo as priority among the seven FA applicants.

Under the premise of catching both players with huge amounts of money, it was not easy to sign contracts with the remaining players due to the salary cap limit.

Two veteran outfielders, Lee Myung-gi and Kwon Hee-dong, are missing. NC quickly recruited Han Seok-hyun, who has good cost-effectiveness in the Futures League FA market, to prepare for the outfield vacancy.

Unexpectedly, Yang Eui-ji headed to Doosan, gaining funds, but the outfield was already saturated.

An official from the NC club said, “There were a lot of FA qualified players, so it was inevitable to choose and concentrate.”

Lee Myung-gi and Kwon Hee-dong could not fill the number of FA registration days last year due to a violation of quarantine rules. He had to wait another year because of that. It was difficult to postpone another season.

The two players who were the main players of the 2020 integrated championship. In the mixed timing, the regretful parting with the NC Dinos came like a cold winter breeze.

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