The club legend was angry at Paul Pogba (Juventus)’s absurd attitude. 스포츠토토

Pogba returned to Juventus from Manchester United last summer but has yet to play a single match due to injury. With Pogba’s absence, Juventus have long been far from competing for the Serie A title.

Since April 2022, the record for participation is ‘0’. Only Pogba’s expensive weekly wages continue to flow out of Juventus’ account.

Juventus legend Marco Tardelli couldn’t contain his anger. Italy’s ‘RailNews’ published an interview with Tardelli, and Tardelli pointed out Pogba’s attitude, saying, “Pogba went skiing when a problem broke out at the club, and the club asked for surgery, but he refused.”

If he had had surgery earlier, Pogba’s time to play could have been a little earlier. At the same time, Tardelli emphasized that if Massimiliano Allegri Juventus’ manager also has a problem with his response, the manager must come forward himself.

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