‘The ace on the mound for Cheongnyonggi gave 토토사이트 it his all until the end’ While everyone was focused on his 150+km fastball, Pohang Steel High School sidearm pitcher Lim Hyun-jun proved that he can still get by with a 130km fastball.

The 78th Cheongnyonggi National High School Baseball Championship between Pohang Steel and Gyeonggi Sangsung University at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul on April 20. When Pohang Steel starter Seo Jun-ho struggled, giving up two runs in the third inning, coach Kim Soo-kwan sent ace Im Hyun-joon to the mound as a relief pitcher to prevent further damage.

The 179-centimeter, 79-kilogram pitcher doesn’t have a big frame, but his side-armed delivery has been praised for its good balance. In the first inning of Game 1 against the Cheongnyonggi, Lim took the mound and pitched five innings, throwing 79 pitches for five hits, four walks, two strikeouts, and one unearned run.

Pohang Steel sidearm Lim Hyun-jun quickly organized the fourth and fifth innings. The team’s bats turned the game around in the fifth inning, but the lead was short-lived. After giving up three runs on three errors in the sixth inning, Lim did his part until the seventh inning and then came off the mound.

He threw 62 pitches in four innings. Five hits, four walks, two strikeouts, four runs, one earned, against 20 batters. Lim’s fastball wasn’t fast on the day, topping out at 134 mph, but he was confidently placing it on the borderline against lefties. His changeup was a slider.

Pohang Steel fell short of advancing to the quarterfinals, losing 7-5 to Gyeonggi Sangsung High School.

While everyone focused on pitchers with fastballs over 150 kilometers, the steady pitching of side arm pitcher Lim Hyun-jun, who is not fast but believes in his pitches, stood out.

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