Park Dong-won, wearing the uniform of the LG Twins, actively promoted ‘throwing to second base’ as his strength. Coincidentally, last year, the LG catchers were at the bottom of the 10 clubs in terms of stolen bases. It is noteworthy how much Park Dong-won, who has excellent base stealing ability, can compensate for LG’s weaknesses.

Last year, LG’s catchers allowed 113 stolen bases while throwing out 21 stolen base attempts. Yoo Kang-nam allowed 91 stolen bases and recorded 19 stolen bases. The stealing rate was 17.3%. Backup catcher Heo Do-hwan allowed 22 stolen bases and caught 2 stolen bases. The stealing rate was 8.3%.   

Last year, Park allowed 40 stolen bases and got 22 outs. Park Dong-won’s 35.5% stealing rate was third among the main catchers in the 10 clubs, following Yang Eui-ji (42.2%) and Kim Tae-gun (46.2%).

If Park Dong-won’s 35.5% stealing rate, last year’s LG Battery could have arithmetically caught an additional 26 stolen bases on second base.메이저놀이터

In the free agent market, LG sent Yoo Kang-nam to Lotte (4 years, 8 billion won) and recruited Park Dong-won for 4 years and 6.5 billion won. The main catcher has changed.

After LG’s New Year’s ceremony was over on the 4th, Park Dong-won was asked what he wanted to appeal to LG fans, saying, “I always prepared and practiced a lot from before, throwing second base. He can throw to second base more than anyone else. I am confident that I can throw second base better than any other team player,” he said with strength.

The pitcher’s slide step in the set position primarily affects stealing, but the catcher’s strong arm and accurate throw are also important. Against LG Battery in the 2023 season, when other teams’ fast runners try to steal second base, they will be conscious of Park Dong-won’s strong shoulder.

In addition, Park Dong-won showed confidence not only in defense but also in attack. He appeared in 123 games last year and had a batting average of 2.4, 2.1, 18 home runs, 57 RBIs, and .770 OPS. In 2021, he played 131 games with a batting average of . His batting average is low at 2.5, but he has the slugging power to hit close to 20 home runs.

Until last year, Park Dong-won’s performance at Jamsil Stadium was relatively good. Although the spacious Jamsil Stadium is unfavorable to batters, Park Dong-won recorded rather good results.

He said, “A ball caught in front of the fence at Jamsil Stadium is said to be a home run in other stadiums, but such a ball may not come out in other stadiums. I see it as a matter of how to show performance in the at-bat,” he said. “If Jamsil Stadium is wide, you can hit more doubles. I have a desire to hit more doubles than singles. I think there are good parts because Jamsil Stadium is wide.”메이저놀이터

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