Hwang Seon-woo (19, Gangwon-do Office) was selected as one of the four players to shine at the 2022 FINA Short Course (25m) World Championships.

The event will be held at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Center in Australia until the 18th. Sunwoo Hwang is the defending champion in the 200m freestyle. Comprehensive competitions such as the Asian Games and the Olympics are held only in the long course (50m).

Spanish daily Elideal Gayego selected ▲David Popovic (18, Romania) ▲Tom Dean (22, England) ▲Hwang Seon-woo ▲Matthew Seitz (19, South Africa) as “Swimming that can be the main character at the 2022 Short Course World Championships.” Star”.

Popovich is the 2022 Long Course World Championships Freestyle 100 and 200m double crown, and Dean is the 2021 Tokyo Olympics 200m gold medalist. Seitz got off to a good start on the event by winning the 200m individual medley on the 13th.

This season, Popovic set a new world record by winning the 100m gold medal at the European Championships and a new junior world record by winning the 200m. ‘Elideal Gayego’ said, “The Romanian young man who performed brilliantly is even aiming for the short course throne”, but “We have to beat Dean and Hwang Seon-woo. It is not an easy task,” he responded cautiously.

Hwang Seon-woo was the world’s best prospect in the 200m freestyle until last year. The time of 1 minute 45.92 in the national team selection in November 2020, 1 minute 44.96 in the national team selection in May 2021, and 1 minute 44.62 in the Tokyo Olympic qualifying round are all new junior records at the time.

In a preview of the 2022 Short Course World Championships, the American swimming media’SwimSwarm’ also said, “The Romanian sports sensation Popovic 메이저사이트 has risen to at least one level above all other players. Before he became a flawless superstar, he was mentioned side by side with Hwang Seon-woo in the 200m,” he recalled.

However, Popovich stood tall as the first player in the 200m freestyle by beating 1:44:68 at the Tokyo Olympics, 1:43:21 at the 2022 World Championships, and 1:42:97 at the 2022 European Championships.

Hwang Seon-woo is also a silver medalist in the 200m long course world championships this year. ‘SwimSwarm’ paid attention to the results of the Short Course World Championships, which participated as the winner of the previous competition, saying, “I will not be satisfied with being second only to Popovich.”

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