“I think I will become a scarier pitcher.”

This is the impression of catcher Park Dong-won, who received a direct ball from LG Twins Jung Woo-young.

It is expected that a fastball will be added as the third pitch for Jung Woo-young, who became the KBO league hold king with a fast two-seam run of more than 150 km.

Since joining in 2019, Jung Woo-young has become a top-notch bullpen pitcher with a two-seam that has changed drastically. He throws sliders with two-seams, but over 80% of them are two-seams. He gets a grounder if he touches the wrong two-seam who falls while coming fast. Samsung Won Tae-in said, “Jung Woo-young plays baseball really easily. If you just throw a two-seam in the middle, a ground ball comes out

. ” Last year, Jung Woo-young bulked up and raised his velocity to the mid-150 km range, becoming a more fearsome pitcher. However, batters who had seen Jung Woo-young’s two-seam for several years began to adapt little by little. His blood slugging percentage also increased from 2 3 1 li to 3 4 7 li.

Accordingly, Jung Woo-young made up his mind to add a fastball in the two-seam and slider two-pitch. Jung Woo-young threw 20 pitches in his first bullpen pitching on the 4th (Korean time), and he also threw a fastball to two-seam and slider. Ratings are good. 바카라사이트

Catcher Park Dong-won, who received Jung Woo-young’s ball for the first time after transferring to FA, said, “Jung Woo-young said he wanted to throw a fastball, so I caught it. It’s good to say that he will throw himself. The two-seam falls hard and the fastball rises. If he prepares well, he will become a more terrifying pitcher.”

Coach Park Gyeong-wan, a former redundant catcher who came as LG’s new battery coach, also gave advice while giving a positive evaluation to Woo-young Jung’s fastball. Coach Park said, “If you throw only a two-seam and a slider, the batter can only see one of the two and come in. However, if you throw a fastball, the probability is reduced from 50 to 33%. When you get hit, if you think, ‘If I threw two seams, it wouldn’t have hit’, then it will be difficult to throw a fastball next time. When you get hit by a fastball, you have to ignore it like when you hit a two-seam and a slider.”

What kind of result will Jung Woo-young’s fastball addition bring this season? First of all, there are more positive views.

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