Female judo champion Heo Mi-mi won the gold medal at the Grand Prix by beating last year’s world championship champion. Heo Mi-mi, a descendant of independence activists, is a Korean-Japanese who renounced her Japanese nationality, and she is emerging as a new hope for Korean judo.

This is reporter Seok Min-hyeok.

Hermimi overpowered her opponent in her stamina. She won the bout in overtime, when she hit her left shoulder uplift 30 seconds before the end.

She beat Rio Olympic gold medalist and last year’s world championship champion Silva of Brazil to take her gold medal around her neck.

Mi-mi Heo / National Judo representative
“It was great to compete against the medalists. I came here with the intention of winning.” 안전놀이터

Heo Mi-mi, a Korean-Japanese and descendant of independence activist Heo Seok, was naturalized two years ago and is rapidly growing from her 57kg class to a Korean judo star.

Jeong Seung-gi made a splendid achievement in Skeleton, where Yoon Seong-bin retired. 4th period total 4 minutes 31 seconds 17. She won a world championship bronze medal for the first time in her life, 0.01 seconds ahead in fourth place.

Jeong Seung-gi / Skeleton
“I was able to stand on the podium after reversing by 1/100th of a second. That’s why it’s a little thrilling for me…”

Ukrainian President Zelensky protested against recent discussions about Russian athletes’ participation in the Olympics. IOC President Bach was invited to the frontline battleground.

Zelensky / President of Ukraine
“Invite Bach to Bahmut so he can see with his own eyes that neutrality doesn’t exist.”

The IOC even announced plans to invite Russian athletes to the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September to help them prepare for future Olympics, such as managing world rankings.

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