I was a little anxious as I went back and forth 메이저놀이터 주소 between cold and hot baths, but I still did well. He showed jagged performance until the end of the first half, but regained third place in the world. The Toronto Blue Jays are now preparing for a major counterattack in the second half.

Toronto ruined its last six consecutive home games in the first half. It was good until the winning series (2 wins and 1 loss) against the San Francisco Giants, which had been on the rise. However, he was shocked when he was swept by the Boston Red Sox in the same district. He lost all six games against Boston this season and was on the verge of falling in last place.

The last away road (six consecutive games) in the first half was unstable. However, it was revived with a winning streak. He swept the Chicago White Sox and won the winning series (2-1) against the Detroit Tigers. In the middle, he suffered a “team no-hitter loss” to Detroit, but he showed hope with a good performance of 5 wins and 1 loss.

He was ranked fourth in the world all the time, but rose to third place at the end of the first half. He finished third, beating the New York Yankees (49 wins and 42 losses). It also narrowed the gap with the leading Tampa Bay Rays (58 wins and 35 losses) and the second-place Baltimore Orioles (54 wins and 35 losses). There’s still quite a difference between 7 games and 5 games, but it’s not to the point where you can’t catch up. If it succeeds in counterattacking in the second half, it is possible to rise to the top of the earth.

I look at “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin as a “hidden card” for a major counterattack in the second half. Ryu Hyun-jin, who escaped from the tunnel of a long injury, pitched well in two rehabilitation appearances. He allowed one run in three Rookie League innings and four scoreless innings in Single A. After experiencing one or two more minor leagues, he is expected to return to the Major League if there is no problem. He is expected to join the Toronto pitching staff as early as late July or August at the latest.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s addition is expected to be a great help to Toronto. Adding Ryu Hyun-jin to the Toronto starting lineup, which showed a clear difference between good and bad times, can improve stability. It will give strength to the starting lineup, which has lost its physical strength, and it will also be possible to combine the six-starting system. If experienced Ryu Hyun-jin does his part in an important ranking fight at the end of the season, he can gain momentum to advance to the autumn festival as Toronto.

As the nickname “Fear’s Aldong,” the American League’s eastern division was fiercely contested throughout the first half of this season. Tampa Bay took the lead with a winning rate of more than 70%, but it shook as if it had lost seven consecutive games at the end of the first half and remained unstable. Baltimore was ranked second with better-than-expected performance.

The middle and lower ranks were engaged in a chaotic battle. Toronto, the Yankees, and Boston (48-43) were in the back and forth. The Yankees seemed to take a little lead, but slowed down, and Toronto also showed ups and downs in performance. Boston struggled to finish last, but did not collapse completely and continued the possibility of a turnaround. A sketch of the aspect of marriage without an absolute strong or an absolute weak was drawn.

Toronto opens the prelude to a major counterattack after the All-Star break. From the 14th, the Arizona Diamondbacks, ranked second in the National League West, will be called home to play three consecutive games. It will then have three consecutive home games for the San Diego Padres, where Kim Ha-sung belongs. After six consecutive home games, he will leave for six consecutive away games. He will meet with the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Dodgers one after another. He then returns home to face the Los Angeles Angels and Baltimore Orioles.

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