It’s the era of the range finder flood. Golfers’ efforts to reduce one stroke have reached the point of borrowing the power of science and technology to catch even the smallest differences. Various types of rangefinders are pouring in both domestically and internationally, but golfers are deeply concerned about which one to choose and how much money to invest. There are many low-priced products that are practical, but golfers want to purchase equipment that stands out and has better performance while enjoying golf for a long time.

The first thing I worried about when I first encountered the Nikon Coolshot 2 Stabilized was ‘cost performance’. Since it is a product developed by Nikon, which has a reputation as an optical company and industrial laser range finder, it deserves trust. The sleek design and size that can be held in one hand were also attractive. However, it was unknown whether it would become a ‘hidden card in the field’ enough to invest a considerable amount of mid-to-late 500,000 won.

My impression of using the Nikon Coolshot 2 Stabilized in the round was ‘It’s worth it’. After aiming the device at the pin, pressing the power-on button immediately measured the distance. According to product specifications, the distance measurement time is 0.3 seconds. 토토사이트 The implementation of distance measurement according to the difference in elevation and inclination was made accurately to the decimal point. Even if you are a ‘golini’ who does not properly learn the distance or has an imperfect swing, knowing the exact distance beforehand and being able to make a shot can give you a sense of psychological stability. It is attractive in that you can know the fast and accurate distance for attacking the pins for intermediate players and above.

Image stabilization technology, known as the strongest point, was also excellent. It was enough to minimize the shaking that had to be followed while aiming at a long distance and to feel faithful to its original function of measuring distance quickly and accurately. In addition, it was great that you can change the yard (yd) and meter (m) notation with a simple operation, and that you can operate multiple modes.

However, concerns about durability could not be erased. A clean exterior is not an impact-resistant material. Except for the upper button part finished with rubber material, the exterior cover is made of plastic material. It is worth worrying that it can be easily damaged even with a small impact. It is also disappointing that the supplied storage case is made of soft material rather than hard material like recently released products. The hard case is sold separately and must be purchased additionally. Even though it is a mid-to-late 500,000 won product, the after-sales service (AS) period is only one year, which is a condition that golfers who aim to use for a long time compared to investment may hesitate.

There is a saying that ‘a distance measurer is useless if you cannot hit it according to the distance that the match assistant (caddy) tells you’. However, the range finder can be a weapon for beginners to feel stable and enjoy golf, and for intermediate players to make more accurate shots. The Nikon Coolshot 2 Stabilized is an item worth considering at least once if you enjoy golf.

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