Julian Nagelsmann was called by the German national team and Real Madrid. First of all, the German version of “Sky Sports” said on the 13th (Korea Standard Time), “The German national soccer team will replace Hanji Flick and appoint Nagelsmann as the new coach.” Nagelsmann’s contract with Bayern Munich is still valid. Munich said, “If the German Football Association wants Nagelsmann as national coach, it will not ask for a transfer fee.”

German media “Bild” then said on the 14th, “The German Football Association has a competitor. “Real Madrid also wants Nagelsmann as its new manager.”

Flick, who currently leads the German national team, is at stake. He has only won one game in six games since his appointment as a coach, including a recent 1-4 loss to Japan. Nagelsmann, who is from Germany and has been quickly recognized for his leadership at a young age, is considered the number one coach.

Real Madrid is also in a hurry for the manager is in a hurry. The Real Madrid coach is Carlo Ancelotti. The contract period is until 2024.온라인바카라

▲ The German Football Association and Real Madrid will compete for Nagelsmann.

Ancelotti has been the manager of Real Madrid since 2013-2015 and 2021. His achievements are considerable, such as leading him to the UEFA Champions League title, but his presence has been light recently. Last season, Spain’s La Liga gave up the top spot to Barcelona.

Real Madrid have no intention of giving Ancelotti an extension. Several leaders have been nominated for a new coach. Nagelsmann is at the top of the list.

Nagelsmann was fired as Bayern Munich manager in March. On March 25, Munich said on the club’s official website, “We fired both Nagelsmann and coaching staff. Thomas Tuchel was appointed as the new manager. “The contract with Tuchel is due in June 2025,” he announced.

It was a surprise news that came out shortly before the end of the season. Rumors have been circulating for a few days, but there are still many shock waves in Europe.

Munich brought Nagelsmann from Leipzig in July 2021. At that time, Nagelsmann needed a penalty because his contract with Leipzig was not over. Munich eventually paid 20 million euros (about 28 billion won) to Leipzig and signed with Nagelsmann.

▲ Directed by Carlo Ancelotti.

He signed a five-year contract with Nagelsmann, but as a result, he gave up in less than two years. Of course, there is a penalty this time as well because Munich was the one who asked to terminate the contract first.

Nagelsmann’s annual salary is 9 million euros (about 12.5 billion won). If they are replaced, they will have to pay an annual salary until the end of the contract.

Munich and Nagelsmann agreed to terminate the contract. It was possible because there were conditions to compensate for the remaining annual salary as much as possible.

“Munich spent a lot of money sending Nagelsmann,” said Bild. Nearly 30 million euros (about 42 billion won) was given to Nagelsmann. “We have to pay all penalties not only to Nagels but also to his coaches,” he reported.

Nagelsmann had a 71.4 percent winning rate for Munich. He won the German Bundesliga once and the Cup twice.

Nevertheless, it did not fill Munich Castle. When he fell to second place in the league after Dortmund during the season, he chose to replace him without hesitation.

Although he left Munich in disgrace, there are still many teams who think highly of his leadership. Among wild leaders who do not have their own team, it is widely regarded as the biggest language.

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