It has been argued that Steven Gerrard will belatedly hold the Premier League championship cup in his arms if Man City’s punishment becomes a reality.

After announcing on the 7th that the Premier League Secretariat would decide to prosecute Man City, Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ shed light on things that would be recognized belatedly if Man City’s achievements collapsed from 2009 to 2018 (9 seasons).

The Premier League Secretariat has charged Manchester City’s management with violations of revenue, manager’s and player’s wages, UEFA rules, profitability and sustainability during the period during which City have won three titles.

Manchester City are claiming their innocence.

In this regard, the media predicted that Man City would receive a 20-point deduction in the ninth season, which was a problem, and introduced what would happen if it became a reality.

Among them, the most talked about season is the 2013/14 season. 카지노

The 2013/14 season, the first season since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down from Manchester United’s helm, was the season Liverpool came closest to winning their first Premier League title since its founding in 1992.

On April 20, 2014, when they beat Norwich City 3-2 and ran their 11th consecutive league win, Liverpool’s victory seemed to be right in front of their eyes.

However, on April 27, after a shocking 0-2 loss to Chelsea, led by coach Jose Mourinho, Liverpool began to collapse, and in the next match against Crystal Palace, Liverpool drew 3-3 and ended up with only 84 points. Man City, who was 86, allowed a come-from-behind victory.

Liverpool’s legendary midfielder Gerrard moved to LA Galaxy in the United States in 2015, leaving remorse for a crucial mistake against Chelsea, and eventually retired in 2016.

However, history will change when Manchester City are subject to a deduction following the Premier League’s indictment.

“As Man City slide to seventh, Liverpool become champions, Gerrard lifts the trophy,” the Daily Mail reported.

In addition to Gerrard’s belated victory, the newspaper said that the 2010/11 season, when Man City fans flocked to the ground in extra time in the second half of the final game, would return to Manchester United as the owner of the championship cup changed.

The 2017/18 season is also noteworthy.

If Manchester City gets a 20-point deduction, Mourinho’s Manchester United, who finished second with 81 points, will win the title for the first time since the Ferguson era, as the number of points is reduced from 100 to 80.

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