The Gasworks team’s off-season call-up is just around the corner. But before that happens, something is needed. A decision to change.

The Daegu KOGAS Pegasus finished the 2022-2023 regular season in ninth place.

It was a poor result compared to their pre-season expectations. With a solid roster that included Lee Dae-sung, Park Ji-hoon, Filipino AsiaQuarter Belangel, and the return of Jung Hyo-geun, the team was initially considered a contender for the championship and beyond the playoffs.

But when the dust settled, the results were disappointing. After picking up two wins in their opening 10 games, GAS went into a slump in December, losing six straight games and recording just one win and 12 losses in 13 games from January to February. In the end, Gazprom finished the season at the bottom of the league without ever really fighting for a ticket to the six-team playoffs.

There are many different theories about why Gazprom failed last season. One that has gained a lot of credibility is the internal noise surrounding the club.

Last season, GASCO reportedly faced significant internal difficulties due to the ineffective management of the squad under the regime of head coach Lee Min-hyung, general manager Shin Seon-woo, and coach Doo-hoon.

It is said that Lee Min-hyung and Shin 메이저사이트 Seon-woo were involved in the recruitment and tutoring of players, and that Yoo also condoned this behavior, which made the atmosphere in the squad very uncomfortable.

It was also said that Yoo’s excessive “old school” coaching methods also had a significant negative impact on the team’s atmosphere.

As one insider put it, “Yoo’s lack of communication with the team and his out-of-line comments and heavy-handed coaching made it very difficult for the players. This part is not unique to last season.” Our interviews with Rookie confirmed this to be true.

The so-called “Yongsan Go Line,” consisting of head coach Lee Min-hyung, general manager Shin Seon-woo, and coach Yoo Do-hoon, was created during the tenure of former president Chae Hee-bong. Shin was appointed in late 2021 and Lee Min-hyung in late 2022.

Since the end of 2021, when Shin was appointed, there have been suspicions that the lineup was already favoring people from certain schools. Lee Min-hyung, Shin Shin-woo, and Yoo Yoo-hoon are all from the same Yongsan High School as former president Chae Hee-bong. In particular, Lee Min-hyung was appointed just a month before Chae Hee-bong’s retirement. Suspicions abound.

It is understood that GASCO recognized the problem of the unusual captain-general manager-coach system during the second half of last season, and now feels the need to make changes.

However, it remains to be seen what GAS will decide to do. There are also rumors that GAS could keep Yoo Yoo-hoon as head coach next season to save money on operating costs. Yoo has one year left on his contract. It would be a wise choice.

GAS will reportedly make an internal conclusion on the matter in May and take concrete action. GAS will convene off-season training around mid-June. There are only about two weeks left.

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