Could it be that the heating bill ‘bomb’ bill flew to KBL?

The country is in an uproar as gas prices have risen recently. Most of the people are moaning at the unexpected heating bill.

However, the Daegu Korea Gas Corporation basketball team is also crying. January 28 and 29, 2023 would have been two unforgettable days for Gas Corporation, coach Yoo Do-hoon, and the players. 스포츠토토

KOGAS lost the match against Seoul SK on the 28th by a score of 116 to 118 after a close match in the third overtime. And a day later, it seemed to create a miraculous victory against leader Anyang KGC, but again, at the end of the game, he allowed a tie-breaking free throw and went to overtime, eventually losing 85-87.

First of all, the gas corporation players who did their best from the tough schedule to the end deserved applause. In particular, in the KGC match, Murphy Holloway suddenly departed in a situation where physical strength was at the bottom, and Lee Dae-heon kept the bench in the game due to an injury. It was the worst.

Of course, you need to be cool. There is a part that KOGAS missed that it could catch both games. The match against SK failed to keep the last 6-point lead in the 4th quarter. Defensive concentration collapsed. In the overtime game, he took the win several times, but lacked strength. In the KGC game, if it weren’t for Jeong Hyo-geun’s ridiculous mistake at the end of the 4th quarter, there would be no way to go to overtime. In a situation where we could win just by grabbing the ball and wasting time, Jeong Hyo-geun made an unreasonable pass under the goal and was intercepted, which led to the worst play.

Meanwhile, the referee was not on the side of KOGAS. Coach Yoo Hoon was determined after the match against KGC and lamented, saying, “I played this game twice in a row. Fouls came out with 0.3 seconds and 0.8 seconds left. I’ve played basketball for decades, but this is the first time I’ve ever had this.” Considering the style of director Yoo, who is usually cautious and careful in all his words and actions, how frustrating was it that he raised a question about the referee?

What coach Yoo said was the last minute of the second overtime against SK. With a 111-109 lead, SK’s shot was misfired and all players jumped into the rebound. While Holloway and SK Jamil Warney were fighting for the ball, Jung Hyo-geun also flew in. There was a contact between Warney and Jeong Hyo-geun, who grabbed the ball and fell. foul. With 0.3 seconds left, SK got a chance for a free throw.

Judges are people too. Usually, in a tense situation like this, I focus on the scene where we fight for the ball. Unless it directly affects the outcome of the game or is a huge clash, calls for the next play rarely come out. Warney grabbed the ball and came down, and even if there was no collision with Jeong Hyo-geun, the next attack was virtually impossible. If you think it’s a gas corporation’s position, it was such a scene that you can catch it only when you turn on the lights in your eyes and prepare to blow a foul.

Of course, even 0.3 seconds is a clear game time. If it is a foul, it must be acknowledged. What is wrong with KOGAS is the part about the flow of the game and the grave of operation, but if you say, ‘Isn’t it a foul?’, there is nothing to say.

However, the KGC match must have been really unfair. This time, it was KGC’s last shot, leading by 2 points. Missed. All players jumped for rebounds, including Gas Corporation Devon Scott and KGC Daryl Munro. The moment Monroe tried to catch the ball, there seemed to be no particular collision, but another call came out. It is not easy to declare a foul unless there is a really clear contact in the game with 1 second remaining. Director Yoo, who was watching this scene right in front of him, felt as if his lifespan was shortening and his legs loosened.

No matter how slow the screen turned, it was hard to find any evidence that Scott had fouled Monroe. Suppose there was a very slight contact. If this is a foul, there must be hundreds of fouls in 40 minutes of basketball.

Anyone who has watched the KOGAS game for two days cannot help but think that KOGAS has done something wrong to KBL. What the hell did I see wrong?

The confusing thing is that the referee who made the last call made a mistake regardless of the team. During the 3rd quarter KOGAS Shin Seung-min’s layup, KGC Moon Seong-gon did not even touch it, but declared a foul. He has nothing to say when it comes to lack of quality.

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