Jeju United striker Kim Seung-seop leaves Daejeon Hana Citizen to make a fresh start. Debuting in Daejeon in the 2018 season, he wore the Daejeon uniform for five seasons. It is also his first transfer, and it is also his first step into the first part. He calls himself a challenge. Kim Seung-seop said, “I needed a new motivation. I wanted to break the mold and take on new challenges. I chose Jeju because I thought that a team called Jeju had a vision and would go beyond the Asian Champions League (ACL) to win the title,” he said. 메이저사이트

It was not easy to leave Daejeon, which he had been fond of. Moreover, Daejeon succeeded in promotion to the first division last season. In the new season, you have to face Daejeon as an enemy. Kim Seung-seop said, “I keep (Daejeon) in my heart, but I am also in a position to take on new challenges. If I renew my contract with Daejeon, I will become an extra player, but if I transfer, isn’t it my choice? Personally, I wanted to develop further. If you show a good appearance even when you play against Daejeon, I think it will be polite to Daejeon fans.”

Part 1 is different from part 2. Kim Seung-seop is well aware of this. He said, “You have to have a stronger heart. He emphasized, “I think it has been verified to some extent in Part 2, but in Part 1 it is still. Many of you may not know me. I think I have to work hard so that I can become a verified resource in Part 1.”

Jeju is a team with strengths on the side. Zerso, who was a clear offensive option, has left, but Jonathan Ling and newly recruited Hays and Kim Ju-gong are holding on. Kim Seung-seop’s position, the side striker, is expected to be highly competitive. Kim Seung-seop said, “The club said that there is no striker with the same style as me on the team. He thinks that if he uses strengths that other players do not have, he will be able to survive the competition,” he said. “I think my strengths are speed and vigorous activity. Also, attacking the back space, where defenders have a hard time, is my strong point. He has himself,” he said forcefully.

Kim Seung-seop, who said, “It is my wish to take responsibility without regretting the courageous choice,” said, “If you are a striker, your goal is to achieve 10 attack points. I want to achieve a career high in Jeju. As a team, Jeju unfortunately failed to make it to the ACL, but I hope it becomes a team that can aim for the championship with the ACL goal.”


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