Liverpool’s Salah showed explosive power against Manchester United (hereafter Man United) and led a great victory.

Liverpool defeated Manchester United 7-0 in the 26th round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season held at Anfield in Liverpool, England on the morning of the 6th (Korean time). Liverpool have won the most goals against Manchester United ever since they thrashed them 7-1 in October 1895.

Salah scored a multi-goal against Manchester United and led the win. Salah showed off his strong side by scoring in six consecutive matches against Manchester United.

바카라 In the match against Manchester United, Salah devastated the opponent’s defense by not only scoring multiple goals but also recording two assists. In particular, in the 5th minute of the second half, he collapsed the Manchester United defense and assisted the score of each gun. In Liverpool’s fast-breaking situation, Salah, who began to break through the right side dribble from near the center line, beat Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez with a splendid dribble from the left side of the penalty area, and then scored a goal with a pass to the goal. Lisandro Martinez, who lost his balance due to Salah’s brilliant dribbling, was humiliated to witness the conceding after falling on the field.

The British Express commented on the situation at the time: ‘Sala made Lisandro Martinez dance. Lisandro Martinez’s career is over,’ he mocked. Liverpool legend commentator Carragher once said “Sala killed Martinez”.

Salah also clashed with Lisandro Martinez during the match. During the match, Salah was hit in the face by Lisandro Martinez’s elbow, but the referee proceeded with the match without any special judgement. England’s Manchester Evening News criticized Lisandro Martinez, who struggled against Salah, with a rating of 1 point, saying, ‘He showed a solid appearance in the first half, but he was easily fooled by Salah and conceded.’

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