It is news that Dutch striker Quincy Fromus, who is accused of ‘attempted murder’ for stabbing her cousin with a knife, wants to be naturalized in Russia.

He is a striker from the Netherlands. Based on his fast speed, his kicking power and penetrating ability are good, so he builds up his attack points easily and shows his presence with flashing movements. He played for a long time at the Russian ‘prestigious’ Spartak Moscow and also played for Sevilla and Ajax, where he had big league experience. He also played for the Dutch national team for a long time and made quite a name for himself, scoring 7 goals in 50 appearances.

But two years ago, he did something shocking. According to Dutch media ‘De Telegraph’, Fromus was arrested by Amsterdam police for allegedly stabbing and injuring a person.

The situation was this. In July 2020, a family gathering was held in Abkurd, a city near Amsterdam, and at this event, Promus had a violent altercation with his cousin for some reason, couldn’t control his anger and stabbed him. The identity of the man assailant was not precisely identified 메이저놀이터 after his arrest, but based on his appearance and the fact that he did not show up at the Ajax training ground after the incident, it was highly likely that he was from the Promus. In addition, Ajax officials also mentioned that they were “ascertaining the situation” after the incident.

It was later confirmed that the perpetrator was Promus. According to Dutch media ‘NOS’, he spoke to his father on the phone, not knowing that the police were eavesdropping on his calls, and there he directly mentioned that he had stabbed his cousin. Afterwards, Promus, who spoke on the phone with his mother and aunt, also said words related to criminal activity in conversations with them.

Currently, Fromus is not in prison. After re-transferring to Spartak Moscow last winter, he has been steadily continuing his career as a player. This season, he is showing good performance by appearing in 16 league games and scoring 14 goals and 6 assists.

In this situation, he once again became the center of controversy. This time, he said that he wanted naturalization from Russia, which has recently become a big issue due to political issues. Dutch media ‘Alzemin Daghvad’ reported, “According to Russian journalists, Spartak Moscow has applied for Russian naturalization for Promus.”

There was no reason for him to choose Russian naturalization in a situation where he is still receiving a lot of political issues. In response, Dmitry Goberniev, a famous Russian sports commentator, said that he wanted to know the ‘real’ intention of Promus’ application for naturalization. He said, “Does Promus love Russia too much? Can’t do anything without us? Or is it because they just want to avoid going to prison in their home country (Netherlands)? It’s definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.”

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