Director Kim Seong-geun (80) presented his own theory.

Coach Kim Seong-geun, nicknamed the god of baseball, is a leader born in 1942. During his active career, he led multiple professional clubs, including OB Bears (currently Doosan Bears), Pacific Dolphins, Samsung Lions, Ssangbangbang Raiders, SK Wyverns, and Hanwha Eagles. He also served as the head coach of the independent club Goyang Wonders.

Coach Seong-geun Kim built a powerful team during his time in SK and won three championships in four years, making achievements to be talked about. However, there is also public opinion that criticizes his career, saying that he played uninteresting baseball and overworked baseball. 메이저사이트

Recently, he showed a friendly charm in the JTBC entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’, and on the 8th, he revealed his theory about baseball in the tvN entertainment ‘You Quiz on the Block’.

On the 8th, coach Kim Seong-geun, who was criticized for being boring baseball, said, “There were many stories that Seong-geun Kim’s baseball was obsessed with winning. (But the purpose of baseball I thought) was to win and give money to the player.” took off

“If you win, the player gets a bonus and the salary goes up. Then the family becomes happy. For that, the coach has to do everything. The important point is that if you coach, there are more than 100 players under you, and the players’ families will grow to 500.” There are between 1000 and 1000. I was the one who had to protect it.”

Coach Kim Seong-geun added, “The players’ parents entrusted their children to me, and I had to have that sense of mission.”

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