For the first time in Korea, he even pitched eight scoreless innings with a fastball that exceeded the wall of 160 kilometers per hour.

Moon Dong-joo, the “Prince of Daejeon” in his second year as a professional with six wins in the first half and a 3.47 ERA.

He is considered the “0th” of the 먹튀검증 Rookie of the Year, but he’s not thinking about his personal title.

[Moon Dong-joo / Hanwha Eagles pitcher: (What do you think, rookie king?)] I don’ Just as I didn’t get hurt in the first half and did well, I think my only goal is to finish the season well without getting hurt in the second half]

The player I want to resemble is Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels.

[Moon Dong-joo / Hanwha Eagles pitcher: He’s such a great player that even those who don’t know baseball know him. He’s a cool guy outside of baseball]

Attention is also being paid to the first professional showdown with KIA Kim Do-young, who drew attention as a friend and competitive structure.

[Moon Dong-joo / Hanwha Eagles pitcher: I think (the match against Kim Do-young) will be fun. [But I think it’ll be a lot of issues, so I think we can have more fun]

Moon Dong-joo and his teammate Noh Si-hwan will compete in the Hangzhou Asian Games with the Taegeuk mark.

[Moon Dong-joo / Hanwha Eagles pitcher: No one was able to participate in the WBC, but I think I feel more responsible because I participated in the Asian Games]

The Hanwha club plans to put Moon Dong-joo on the mound only until next month to manage the innings.

[Moon Dong-joo / Hanwha Eagles pitcher: I don’t know when the season will end, but I’ll do my best and I’ll appreciate your support]

The growth of Moon Dong-joo, who will be the ace of Korean baseball, is giving great joy to baseball fans.

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